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    Gwen Bartolini - Ray R. Wise
    We run the publishing/licensing company called OKT 31 Media Publishing & are co founders of GRIGORI 3( Dark Star Records).

    We are also working closely with SGL Entertaiment and Mental Case Pictures currently working on the Amazon VOD TV horror series Jezebeth.
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    writing / recording music
    writing sci fi, film /books
    dog obedience/agility

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    We are big fans of staying true to your yourself,whether its the thing to do or not. We make our music and our creative projects because we love what we do and we wanted to share our passions with like minded individuals. When we heard about Legion M, we knew we wanted to become a part of it too. We are also HUGE Stan Lee Marvel fans!

    We currently have a few projects in the works thru Okt 31 Media that we are working independently working with a small team of our own on these days. We would also love to network, share ideas and perhaps share our music with fellow female fronted metal lovers.
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    Maybe, it depends
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    Happy to help promote the brand,network, share press tips and help get new talents and projects out there.
  1. Very cool thanks for posting:))
  2. Thank u both:)
  3. Thank you for the update and for the tips. Cannes Very cool. Good luck and keep me posted.
  4. NIkki, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and elaborating on everything. No worries. I so appreciate it. Very cool, you screen writer. That really takes a lot of talent. Well to update you we did find that FilmFree Way and a few others and we were debating which to use . FFW seemed so user friendly and had so many to choose from i thought it was too good to be true. So thanks for your feedback and putting our worries to rest.... Happy to report we just signed up and submitted to a few that I think will be a good match. And please keep me posted on your endeavors
  5. Awesome! Good to know. thank you
  6. Sounds Great!!!! @Tyson Blairand Love the Tshirt!
  7. With only 89,000 inhabitants left on Earth, Hunter A. is the only hope for humanity. Awoken in a barren field with no memory he finds a mysterious weapon that instructs him to eliminate Target 13 within a 72 hour window. Allied with the warrior Nikki, the two find themselves alone, in a wasteland, facing numerous demons and deadly creatures. Will they complete their mission, or face their unknown fate when time runs out. #sci-fi #onyour6
  8. Hello NIkki, I am assisting with film festival submissions on a few projects I've had my hands in this year. I am a newbie, any suggestions? Thank you very much
  9. Hello John and Jeff, Is Legion M doing it this year? thanks, Hello John and Jeff, Is Legion M doing it this year? thanks,
  10. thanks John, yes. We are on track now. thank you
  11. Hello , PROUD TO SAY WE ARE LEGION M. We represent GRIGORI 3 and we are looking for quality non exclusive licensing Legion M projects/ opportunities. We are members of ASCAP/Harry Fox and we have an extensive catalog of songs and own all rights. Currently working on album 3. We are open to limited video games, shorts, trailers, tv series, short videos, audio books, and trailers or full length motion pictures for Legion M . *We are also filming a music video this summer of our release' Delusion' near Joliet, IL (reach out if you would like to join us as a volunteer extra on the set of Jezebeth TV series below) Like music comparison- LaCuna Coil, Within Temptation, In this Moment, Evanescence, Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, Danny Elfman GRIGORI 3 at Amazon music samples 'Creation' by GRIGORI 3 video "Think Me Wicked" by GRIGORI 3 video GRIGORI3.COM site or say hey on Fb! thanks