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    I'm a digital art hobbyist and lover of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy. Operations Support Specialist with the key areas of expertise in Technology, Logistics and Supply Management for a major financial institution providing solutions and good vibrations to approximately 150 users. Web Enthusiast and animal lover!!
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    Digital art, Jewelry making, cooking.

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    Digital artist hobbyist
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    Certification in Software Testing
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    Former Administrator at Goldman Sachs

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    Seems like a brilliant idea and great way to make a difference in the film and entertainment community!
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    Maybe, it depends
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  1. @Nikki Ackerman that's cool!!
  2. Some more of my digital artwork!
  3. The idea came from thinking about sustainability, growth and recognition. To give folks rewards for something they were already doing to provide a foundation for people to do more while it being a symbiotic partnership. The membership card and T-shirt are identifiers and promotions for the mission of Legion M. And in turn, for instance, if their was some kind of agreement with a moviehouse chain that a member would go to see a Legion M project (or not), they would scan your membership card, while you buy a ticket, and you would earn points that way. Then those points could go to being used to acquire Legion M swag or to get the member to being closer to being an investor. There a lot of different reward programs out there and the game changer here would to be able to support people into becoming investors and support Legion M on a consistent basis. I know for myself, when it comes figuring out where my money is going is like comedy...TIMING IS EVERYTHING! And depending on the timing I might have to opt out of investing til another round. So with having x number of points that could translate into funding, then I could see how many x number of dollars I'd need to put in to invest.
  4. Here's some of my digital artwork
  5. Yes I am airman as well! Looking forward to coming up through the ranks quickly though LOL!! Looks like a great place to SG out!!!
  6. I have watched the first episode and will need to rewatch it to give it a fair chance! I felt like I was watching the second part of an episode that I missed the first part to. I'll need to get my "space legs" back to continue with Discovery.
  7. I was thinking of a subscription based/reward points system that folks would sign up for called Legion M: ULTRA! Members could accum points by blogging, posting Legion M pics and videos, organizing and attending meet ups, ect. You get a membership card and Legion M: ULTRA! T-shirt as well as perks that some other members might not be included in. The other caveat to joining Legion M: ULTRA! is that whatever the subscription fee is, the member could elect to have a portion of it (from 2% to 5%) go towards funding so members can move to investors kinda like when you elect to have a portion of your pay go to your 401K. So when a new round comes up, part of the goal is already attained. If you want to hear more, just let me know and I'll continue to add my thinking around this.
  8. Looks like Sci Fi and Crime are neck and neck!! Maybe there is a book out there that covers both genres all in one LOL!!
  9. Sounds good to me!! Let me know what is wanted and needed for this to get the ball rollin;!!