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  1. Wow, that's the best description of the captains I've ever seen.
  2. I've seen Doctor Strange twice now and really like the character. One downside about the movie in my opinion is the high reliance on special effects, which got to be a little much towards the end. Would it make for a stronger movie and character development if the writers did not rely on computer effects so much? Just a thought.
  3. It was absolutely awesome! Gal Gabot did an incredible job, made the character very believable from where she came from to being thrown into the reality of the modern world. Love it.
  4. I loved Tennant as Killgrave. He's an awesome villain and that takes nothing away from his years as The Doctor. He's an actor after all and should diversify his roles. That's the point of being an actor.
  5. Yes I noticed that too. It's like reading a book, some chapters are longer, some are shorter, depending on what is happening. The ending is intriguing. It leaves us wondering what is real and what is imagined. How much of the whole season was real or the product of a sick mind? I look forward to season 2. The show is original enough and stands out of the norm in ways that it deserves more season to tell its story.
  6. The movie was a hit. Maybe we need to update this thread with people's reaction of having seen it. Personally I loved it. It was long overdue. Loved all the Amazon women. Gal Gadot did a great job of showing the naivety of someone having been raised in a remote island, completely oblivious to the modern world. Her growth and maturing through the movie was apparent. I look forward to her character showing up more and more in other superhero movie, until a second WW comes out off course.
  7. I'm an artist. I do all kinds of art and occasional fan art, mostly of Doctor Who, which become stickers, t-shirts and other things. That's on my RedBubble page. I also have a Patreon page if you've ever considered "adopting" an artist. Right now I'm doing a series of 5 New Mexico watercolor landscape. I've got 2 to go. The next series will probably be an urban subject to change pace. My other BIG project is an online adventure art games for kids, where they create art work while progressing through an adventure. They earn badges and level up as they go. See all this HERE.
  8. The character got a little better in The Defenders. It is the lower quality show of the bunch that's for sure. One thing that irritated me was how whiny and full of self-pity Danny is throughout the season. For someone who has lived over 10 years with warrior monks and been trained in their way, he sure isn't coming across as very tough.
  9. Yes he's doing a great job of it. It's interesting to see the different interpretations of that character. Ben Affleck for example did do a good job in that role too, and if you remember, he's character could "see" through echolocation, whereas he had to have noise to "see" the vibrations bounce off of objects around him. In contrast, the Netflix version "sees" all time it seems - no need for noise - though it's all in flames. (we saw through his eyes somewhere in season 1 I think). I can't remember if Ben Affleck had extra hearing or other abilities.
  10. Roger Moore was my first Bond too, then Sean Connery. They are my two favorite. After that I'd say Daniel Craig, though to me something of the humor was lost with Craig and it became a much grittier spy movie. Not to say they was bad, I enjoyed them, they just didn't "feel" like a Bond movie to me. Pierce Brosnan was never believable and should not have had the role, in my opinion. I've never seen Timothy Dalton, nor George Lazenby.
  11. Hello, I'm new here and looking around. I've really enjoyed TRAVELERS and look forward to second season. I'd like the characters to reveal themselves to their respective partners/families at some point. Maybe not all of them, but at least one to go through that perspective. Oh and I've watched 3rd Rock occasionally a long time ago and it's hilarious.
  12. I watched the entire season and enjoyed it. It was dubbed which made the whole thing very amateurish and even the acting was very low production. That said, I kept wanting to watch the next episode. Very interesting premise and very different approach than typical US story line. I'm intrigued enough that I'd watch a second season if there is one coming.
  13. Hello All, Brand new here to both legion M (as of this morning) and the forum, and a HUGE Doctor Who fan! I loved the last season with Peter Capaldi and Bill. I thought they finally found Capaldi's character, just in time for him to leave. I would have loved another run with those two. That said, I'm super excited about the woman doctor. My main hope is that after addressing the doctor regenerating as a woman in the first and/or second episode, it doesn't become a recurring topic. The Doctor needs to be simply The Doctor, with fun interesting stories without making the gender central to the role or stories. My two cents anyway.