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  1. Hahah! Now I’m broke right before Christmas! LOL darn them!! The selling of the badges right now too! Way too close to Christmas! Next paycheck I need to get some presents and hope I have enough for a hotel left over. Will most likely have the wait until after new year and then those early bird hotels will be sold out!
  2. Why do they do this at Christmas time?
  3. Who all is going with you? How many in your party? And do you need a men only room?
  4. @Jonathan McMahon Do you have any experience staying at the Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle South? It is the cheapest out of the Early Bird Hotel Sale. For 4 nights (4 people) it is a total of $765.60. Comes out to 191.40 a person.... which equals 47.85 a night! I'm seriously thinking about this one. @Cathy Udovch it's not going to be possible to get a head count right now, unfortunately... Maybe take a guess and see what they say. Find out at what number would they take us serious? Edit: The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is even closer! Looks like the closest one to the Con. Comes out to 1,167 for 4 night for 4 people. Split up that's not bad.... Wish I had the money to get one of these now.. They will probably be sold out by the time I get paid on Friday. LOL
  5. Just looked at Town and Country.. It's a ways away from downtown but one of the cheapest in the pre-sale. A room for 4 people (2 beds) comes out to $258.31 a person. Edit: This is for a 4 night stay
  6. Hi Eva! Welcome! You're in San Diego? Well we can room with you! JK It says pending investor because you likely invested in the 2nd round, correct? They are still finalizing everything. Once all that is done, we will get a list of people to change the status of.
  7. I'll reach out!
  8. I’m going to look at the early bird hotels and see what the cancellation policies are because I’d like to join to lottery for the big hotels too. EDIT: I see that the early bird hotels are NO cancellations/exchanges. So no trying to get one as a backup.
  9. Great question! I’m sure we all would love to be official staff someday. Just FYI - @Terri Pinon is in NYC and she is now official Legion M staff. She has been coordinating the events on the east coast as well.
  10. I know they have a pic of your tat because I’ve seen it other places. Just not sure if we need to resubmit for Mandy collage.
  11. Well THAT was fun! Now that this morning’s open registration is over for next year’s SDCC, we all need to start planning for lodging! (BTW, thank you to @Michelle P. Carter for organizing the purchasing group for this morning! I believe all of us that joined the group got passes!) @Cathy Udovch, I remember you saying in July at our breakfast that you were going to try and work on getting Legion M a block of rooms at the new hotel we had breakfast in. Any luck on that or any of the other hotels? How do we go about starting this process now? Thank you so much for doing this! @Jonathan McMahon, any advice on lodging?
  12. @Jeff Annison @Paul Scanlan @Damian Beurer Will pics we have sent in the past be included or do we need to send new ones specifically for this?
  13. Hope to see as many Legion M shirts there as possible! This is fantastic news!
  14. Such exciting news! Go Legion M!