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  1. Sorry, I won't be joining for September. Personal issues going on and Dune will be too much for me to commit to.
  2. Sharknado! We gotta invite Thunder if that's what we watch! LOL
  3. This is for September? Okay I voted!
  4. You just swayed me!
  5. Hi Khrystiana! Be sure to check out the other Stargate sub forums about Stargate Command and the new show, Stargate Origins!
  6. Here is the information for tonight's event. The hashtag changes each event.
  7. Here is updated info for the Twitter Campaign going on tonight.
  8. Oh that's a bummer to hear about the hold up and about the Stargate panel being cancelled!
  9. @Karen C
  10. Hi Julie! Welcome! So glad you joined us! Once the movie has been decided, Matan will send out the link. I believe we are using a platform called Rabit? I might have the name wrong because I only signed on during the first movie. But Matan will have that all setup. We log in and we will all be able to watch the movie at the same time together and chat in a chat box while watching the movie.
  11. One of my friends is on that committee. I'll read his latest blog in a bit. Hopefully they can get all the minor details squared away before we start on Friday! Woohoo! I hope Netflix sees a good thing and grabs it up!
  12. This Sunday! Yay!! Can't wait! Posted updates in my local groups. Would be nice if we could post in all of them but I don't want to step on people's toes.
  13. Thanks @Terri Lubaroff! Looks like some people in the SoCal area want to do the meetup in the evening after the con is done for the day, so as not to interfere with other panels they might go to, or be involved with. I'm not sticking around till that late because I have to drive home 6 hours north. If you're there on Saturday and want to meetup let me know. Would love to see everyone again! Hopefully you all will be there and I can say hi during the day!
  14. Good idea! Thank you!
  15. Well, as we heard after the season finale, things are changing drastically for this show! Lots of characters will be gone. I'm so glad that Rumple and Regina will still be there! Interested to see how the new story will progress. I have faith that it will be good!