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    When I saw this great opportunity and learned more about it, I couldn't pass it up!
    Let's go Legion M!!!
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  1. Great idea @Greg Roensch !
  2. Lol! I love these too!
  3. LMAO!!! Hey, I'm not judging! I do a lot of dreaming in there... Whether those dreams come true or not is another story!
  4. I don't know anything about them, but good luck!! Sounds awesome!
  5. Hi Chauncey! Legion M is still working on getting all the payments processed and the shares sent out. Once all of this is complete, we will get a list of everyone that we can change the status of "Pending Investor" to "Investor". I know it's taking longer than expected, and we appreciate your patience, but no fear, it will happen!
  6. Great ideas! Red carpet premieres would be awesome prizes!
  7. Ahh okay. Yea, that can be a tough drive. I'm 2 hours south of San Francisco and 5-6 hours north of LA. But I just jump on 101 and drive or catch a flight. LOL. Okay, so start a FB meetup group for your area and surrounding areas. Then you can share the group in the FB Members page and in here. I'll help you do it if you like.
  8. @Adam Cox forgive me for the silly question, but how far are you from Chicago? There's a big Chicago group already. Am wondering if that is a long drive for you. I was hoping to make it out to a Chicago meetup this coming year. Or maybe get some of the Chicago people to pack your friend's Theater! What town are you in? I'm going to check out the map. LOL
  9. I like the idea of using the super heroes we already have. Or using an image with someone from the Legion. Which reminds me of the idea to replace the stock heroes with heroes from the Legion!
  10. Damn. Was thinking about it but just noticed the dates. I'm having surgery on the 17th in San Diego.
  11. Great idea! I also think we need something special for Sundance @Jeff Annison
  12. Don't worry Adam, they will be here before you know it!
  13. Good to know! I'm going to start working on my Trust soon and will make sure they are listed in there.
  14. Ummmm how hot is it going to be? LOL
  15. Great idea! Love him! Hahahaha! Yes! Mr. Wonderful! Pete would do that one good! Haha