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  1. I really intrigued in all this bitcoin, crypto stuff and I am seeing what you mean and what you're saying. I definitely doing a lot of research on it lately and will try a small amount of money to try it out and see what happens with it.
  2. I am totally not familiar with steemit. I clicked on your Black Mirror. You gave the US Callister a D-. Just wondering why you disliked it so much. I haven't watched the rest of the season yet.
  3. oh I"m sorry to hear you wish to sell your shares. Can I ask why you want to sell them?
  4. I will definitely watch the whole episode and tell you what I think ! thanks for your sharing your work with us.
  5. Congrats on grad school and Yale! wow! I wish you the best in your studies. Getting my masters was probably one of my biggest accomplishments.
  6. congratulations!
  7. Looking forward to seeing this at Sundance if I can get tickets for it!
  8. done!
  9. Good luck!
  10. Yes please give recommendations for movies to see. I would love to see a few. @Leesha Davis @MeriJewel @Jonathan McMahon @Paul Scanlan
  11. I think I couldn't be more excited! This is going to be EPIC!!!
  12. When does the voting on pitch elevator end? I"ve been trying to do a few a day
  13. Start Engine has a secondary market now to sell shares. Not sure why WeFunder doesn't have the same yet.
  14. Yes!! I think I need to get some Legion M Winter Apparel... do we have any?
  15. This is super exciting!