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    I am a Direct Care Staff member for Arc of Vigo County. I enjoy movies and other hobbies. I enjoy learning new things and trying new things in life. The concept of Legion M, spoke to me a great deal. I have always wanted to play a part of a film production company. I have always been a dreamer of the silver screen. I am proud to be a part of Legion M. I sincerely hope that it will become the biggest thing ever and that we as a force will move mountains and produce great works of art.
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    Home brewing (Mostly Ciders), Genealogy, Metal Home Casting (Tin soldiers), Movies, Web comics, Vampires the Masquerade RPG TT, Tabletop Gaming, and so much more! (I am looking at trying clay working/ceramics).

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    ASL, Networking with people and making friends, Researching,
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    BS in History, BS in Philosophy, and CPR & First Aid Certified
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    Arc of Vigo County, Walmart, Sam Club Gas Station, Target, Service Management Systems and Pinkerton & Burns Security

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    I am an Investor & Member!
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    This deaf guy loves movies that have closed captioning and or subtitles for the hard of hearing!

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  1. It's funny... I know a lot of people that watch "Die Hard" on Christmas. Mostly because the film takes place on December 24th, 1988. Even though the film was released on July 15th, 1988. It is one of those quirky traditions I guess.....we all know that tradition will die...HARD, <ha ha> -Adam
  2. Got it yesterday! WHOO HOO!
  3. Gotcha! -Adam
  4. Patrick, It is an interesting thought. However, I don't think it would be in the best interest of Legion M. As you are aware, Legion M have issued shares via Paul and Jeff & Company have gone though a very tedious process with the SEC to get these shares to be allowed and issued through Wefunder. If we start dabbling with Cryptocurrency there is a good chance we would be violating some sort of SEC regulation in regards to funding and monetary assets. So, I would err on the side of caution and avoid Cryptocurrency all together. All for the well being for Legion M. In addition, Cryptocurrency is so very volatile....for Bitcoin suffered a catastrophic 25% dip on valuation in a single trading day. That's my two cents. -Adam
  5. Have you seen Krampus ?
  6. I had to give this review some serious thought. As a Star Wars Fan, I loved every minute of the film. I think that this film did well in pushing the story forward and encouraging the future of the saga to continue with new and bold characters. I would rank this film 3rd or 4th in the entire Canon (Please note, I am including the entire saga...this includes Rogue One and The Animated Clone Wars series....even Caravan of Courage & Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and many other television series in the 80s). That being said, The ranking might change after I see the film again. I will have to wait for the DVD release to review it once more with captions. I had a monumental challenge in following the dialogue in the film. AMC, ran out of functioning & portable closed captioning devices. Some were still being recharged and the others were being used. The AMC I went to had new showings of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" every half hour. When, I left the theater I saw that there was a rather long...long..line forming. I was lucky enough to slip into the first screening of the day on a Friday afternoon. I finished work at Noon and I high tailed it to the AMC Theater or the 1230 showing! I had an amazing time I encourage everyone to see it and of course to see it again.-Adam
  7. Mine is in the mail somewhere.......somewhere between here and the distributor. -Adam
  8. It's better than socks! -Adam
  9. Good luck Dude! -Adam
  10. Excellent choice. I love this movie. This should be on the list as well! Just as long as no one is dumping the sh*tter into the storm drain across from Legion M Headquarters.....go for it! <ha ha> -Adam
  11. Like many of you I have a great affinity for films, television, books, and the occasional comic. My family and I have a Christmas tradition of films. It varies year to year...but we do have a select few films that is shown at my moms or at my house .......more often than's at moms. 1. A Christmas Story (1983). This is a personal favorite of mine. It is also a major hit for the family. Partly, because it takes "place" in Terre Haute, Indiana. 2. Home Alone (1990). This is also a personal favorite of mine. Granted there are plot holes that make you shake your head. But, I am in it for the slapstick violence and the nostalgia of seeing it at the theaters in Upstate New York with my best friends. 3. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965). This is a family favorite. It is my Mom's favorite Christmas film. So, we never neglect to put this on. 4. How The Grinch stole Christmas. (1966, 1992, and 2000) My sister and I love the Grinch. We change up on which variation of the film we want to see. Yes, we are excited about the 2018 showing of the Grinch. 5. It's A Wonderful Life (1946). A Christmas classic for the family. We don't show this one all to often but it is in our Christmas lineup. 6. Miracle on 34th street (1947 or 1994) This is a hard call every year. Sometimes , we watch it. More often than not this is held over til after New years. I realize that there are two other remakes 1959 and 1973. Personally, I prefer the the '47 and '94 films. 7. The Holiday (2006). This is not in the regular line up with my family. This is a personal favorite of mine. I like the entire cast and the film itself. These are the top seven. Sometimes, someone will not want to watch a certain film they can go to the grab bag and get a different movie. The grab bag option films are: Elf (2003) Polar Express (2004) A Christmas Carol (I have several variations of this film I kid you not.) National Lampoon's Christmas (1989) Die Hard (1988) I have several other Christmas films that I own. I would be on here all night, listing and citing. Yes, you guessed it....We love Christmas over here! We try to watch most of these films over the course of the week. We usually have a merry old time with egg nog, candy, and other assorted goodies. It's all about being with family and having fun. I want you all to have a wonderful winter holidays. I hope that whatever holiday that you do celebrate...that it be a great one with your family and friends. Be safe and enjoy it all this year! -Adam
  12. Hello Legion M! As the shares roll into our e-mails. Like many of you, I did a mini dance. I won't was a long awaited moment. I will acknowledge that I have posted a great deal of concern with our shares. Everything from Beneficiaries to the changing of the "guard" name wise for e-shares/carta. I imagine there is a small handful of you that are still waiting. My message to those that are still waiting. Don't worry, be patient. Legion M will never leave anyone behind. Except you John, yes you John. We all know it was you...stealing the yogurt from the break room refrigerator. John does not exist, so please don't worry. Moving on from that tangent....I like to give a big Thank you for everyone at Legion M for making this happen. Not sure how much heavy lifting Paul did...but it sounds like he did "some" work on the videos. ( I kid, I know Paul worked hard for Legion M). I sincerely hope that everyone is as excited as I am with the direction of this company. We are embarking on a new chapter of Legion M. We have all of these cool events happening and soon we might have another announcement about a new investment round soon...I hope. (Whoo hoo) I feel like we are in good hands and that we are all good company to each other. As the saying goes...Onward and Upwards! -Adam P.S. ........Just don't be like John.
  13. I have a few questions as now that Thanksgiving is over with ...and with the New Year rapidly approaching. 1.) What is the status of the Wefunder transfer of shares to Carta ? 2.) When will the next round open and what is the expected share cost ? I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and I hope that you will have a great Christmas. Onward and Upwards. -Adam
  14. Dear Legion M Members, Those of you that are on the long waiting list on electronic shares with eshare/carta. If you think that you may have accidentally deleted your invite to get the shares and account activated. You make get eshares/carta to send you a reactivation link. You need to go to: It did not work for me, which means my shares are not entered into the system. I know many of you are waiting and are super excited and concerned. We all need to be patient. Easier said than done...I know. I am on pins and needles myself with the long wait. Onward & Upwards! -Adam
  15. I am in Terre Haute, Indiana. I am about 3 hours and 45 minutes away from Chicago.