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    I am a Direct Care Staff member for Arc of Vigo County. I enjoy movies and other hobbies. I enjoy learning new things and trying new things in life. The concept of Legion M, spoke to me a great deal. I have always wanted to play a part of a film production company. I have always been a dreamer of the silver screen. I am proud to be a part of Legion M. I sincerely hope that it will become the biggest thing ever and that we as a force will move mountains and produce great works of art.
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    Home brewing (Mostly Ciders), Genealogy, Metal Home Casting (Tin soldiers), Movies, Web comics, Vampires the Masquerade RPG TT, Tabletop Gaming, and so much more! (I am looking at trying clay working/ceramics).

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    ASL, Networking with people and making friends, Researching,
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    BS in History, BS in Philosophy, and CPR & First Aid Certified
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    Arc of Vigo County, Walmart, Sam Club Gas Station, Target, Service Management Systems and Pinkerton & Burns Security

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    I am an Investor & Member!
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    This deaf guy loves movies that have closed captioning and or subtitles for the hard of hearing!

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  1. While I appreciate the idea and enthusiasm of wanting to expand our base and get our brand out there. It should be worth noting that the process of taking the brand to the next step/expand requires thoughtful planning. We do not want to expand too fast and fizzle out into oblivion. We want a gradual expansion of our brand and be smart about our advertising expenditures. All of the business aspects of expansion and promoting our brand is in the hands of good and hard working members of Legion M Staff. I have faith in what they are doing and that they are doing the very best they can. We have had amazing year last year in terms of brand promotion. We hosted and participated in many events that went beyond our expectations as a whole. The progress of Legion M have impressed me quite a bit. It should be noted that, we are not only limited by our funding. I believe we are limited by rules and regulations in regards to start up brand promotions. I do know that once Legion M obtains IPO status. We could very well be under additional restrictions by the SEC. I am not a legal beagle so don't hold my words as law. Finally, The progress is being handled by Jeff , Paul, and the Legion M Team. We will get takes time. -Adam P.S. You can help by spreading the good news of Legion M and sharing Legion M cards to people that are interested in joining.
  2. Yeah, I sent her a note a while back. I haven't heard anything. She is super I will be super patient with her -Adam
  3. Here is a direct quote from @Terri Pinon from Facebook "Our super badass legal team (ie Terri Lubaroff) double-checked — it’s actually only a 7 state problem (there are two other states that are problematic if we’re picking up the phone and calling people to sell, which we’re not, so we’re not counting them. Here are the 7 states that she is currently working on a solution for: Arizona Florida North Dakota Texas Washington New Jersey Nebraska — can’t sell at all" Also "The other somewhat promising rumor is that many of these could be resolved 60 days after this next round opens. It might not be in time for those states to invest in this next round (this one will be much shorter than usual) but would alleviate all future issues in subsequent rounds." I hope this post helped others that have wondered the same thing I was wondering about.-Adam
  4. Jeff and Paul mentioned some trouble with nine states for investors. Which nine states are affected ? -Adam
  5. @Martin English, @Karen C, and @Terri Lubaroff, (Please note, I am not an expert in giving legal advice nor am I a Lawyer.) I have explored the issue of willing the shares out to beneficiaries a great deal. I like to point out that each state handles inheritance differently. I would like to stress the importance of having a will and designating your beneficiaries. When it comes to stocks and bonds. It gets a little tricky in some cases. Again. depending on where you will have four options at most. First option, which have been discussed previously is Trust Fund. Creating a trust fund would require you to name someone to head the fund in the interest of your beneficiaries. In addition, you will be required to form the trust fund legally. So that would require fees to create the trust fund and fees for the lawyer to set it up. Second option, would be to set it up to where the shares are sold and the post valuation to be placed into the estate and when the estate settles. The beneficiaries would get equal share of the post valuation of your Legion M shares. Third option is to let your named beneficiaries to buy the shares for themselves. Finally, your fourth option is to just transfer equal shares to your kids and leave the fractional portion of the shares to your eldest. I would like to stress this, some states do not allow straight transfer of shares to beneficiaries. Many states require the estate to sell off the shares and give the post valuation to the beneficiaries or allow the beneficiaries to buy the shares that they can afford. If Carta enables an option on our electronic shares to contain a simple way to will out shares upon death. It would override a lot of the hassle of passing shares on. Finally, the downside of the option of the estate selling off the shares and issuing post valuation to becomes taxable. Inheritance tax laws are different in each watch out. Once again, I am not a lawyer nor a legal expert. I am simply passing on what I have learned when I have been investigating this issue. I hope this helps! -Adam P.S. We ought to petition or email Carta and get them to enable a way to list beneficiaries.
  6. Martin, We will have new investment round soon. We can not begin a new round until all investments of the previous round is accounted for. So, keep an eye out...I suspect the new investment round will happen soon. -Adam
  7. It's funny... I know a lot of people that watch "Die Hard" on Christmas. Mostly because the film takes place on December 24th, 1988. Even though the film was released on July 15th, 1988. It is one of those quirky traditions I guess.....we all know that tradition will die...HARD, <ha ha> -Adam
  8. Got it yesterday! WHOO HOO!
  9. Gotcha! -Adam
  10. Patrick, It is an interesting thought. However, I don't think it would be in the best interest of Legion M. As you are aware, Legion M have issued shares via Paul and Jeff & Company have gone though a very tedious process with the SEC to get these shares to be allowed and issued through Wefunder. If we start dabbling with Cryptocurrency there is a good chance we would be violating some sort of SEC regulation in regards to funding and monetary assets. So, I would err on the side of caution and avoid Cryptocurrency all together. All for the well being for Legion M. In addition, Cryptocurrency is so very volatile....for Bitcoin suffered a catastrophic 25% dip on valuation in a single trading day. That's my two cents. -Adam
  11. Have you seen Krampus ?
  12. I had to give this review some serious thought. As a Star Wars Fan, I loved every minute of the film. I think that this film did well in pushing the story forward and encouraging the future of the saga to continue with new and bold characters. I would rank this film 3rd or 4th in the entire Canon (Please note, I am including the entire saga...this includes Rogue One and The Animated Clone Wars series....even Caravan of Courage & Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and many other television series in the 80s). That being said, The ranking might change after I see the film again. I will have to wait for the DVD release to review it once more with captions. I had a monumental challenge in following the dialogue in the film. AMC, ran out of functioning & portable closed captioning devices. Some were still being recharged and the others were being used. The AMC I went to had new showings of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" every half hour. When, I left the theater I saw that there was a rather long...long..line forming. I was lucky enough to slip into the first screening of the day on a Friday afternoon. I finished work at Noon and I high tailed it to the AMC Theater or the 1230 showing! I had an amazing time I encourage everyone to see it and of course to see it again.-Adam
  13. Mine is in the mail somewhere.......somewhere between here and the distributor. -Adam
  14. It's better than socks! -Adam
  15. Good luck Dude! -Adam