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    Tech Maven, CyberSecurity Expert, Movie & Music Geek, Amateur Actor & Vocalist, and (most importantly) Dad to four amazing kiddos!

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    Legion M is an absolutely phenomenal concept! People are incredibly disillusioned by the "big-business" mentality in Hollywood, and how it negatively effects the artists and the viewers alike. A shake-up is incredibly long overdue... a change in that mindset, actually listening to the fans is the reason why films like Deadpool are record shattering blockbusters!
    Legion M isn't just going next-level, we're making that the very heart of who we are. In the immortal words of Ethan Embry's character, Mark, from Empire Records, "Damn the man! Save the Empire!"
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  1. Thanks so much, @Terri Pinon! I did try here on the forums a while back. It would definitely be cool to have an organized group here! I definitely understand about making various Cons etc. I did apply for the Social Media Manager position! Maybe I can help that way!!
  2. I'm @jmmccli on both Twitter & Instagram! Horray for new friends!
  3. Thanks @Adam Cox. I really want to get involved, and would love to work out ways us remote Legionnaires can participate! I'm hoping this thread might at least start a conversation to that effect!
  4. I've been thinking about the whole East Coast thing... Most of the promos etc. are for the folks out in California (e.g. the Star Wars ticket contest). I've got some thoughts on ways we might be able to broaden the scope to include us remote folks. @Damian Beurer & @Jeff Annison - I'm sure it's something on the table for the future... I'd love to hear what might be in the works already, and if some of us volunteer-type people could possibly get more involved to make things happen?
  5. Never really thought about it... That's a heck of a project though! Not sure I could handle something of that magnitude (it's a massive novel) & do it justice, haha. Thanks for the update, @Nikki Ackerman! Here's hoping that something shakes loose soon!
  6. OTHERLAND is a series of 4 novels, penned by Tad Williams. My absolute favorite series -- I've read it probably 3 or 4 times, it features futuristic stories of a group of renegades in a digital landscape. In January 2012, Warner Bros. acquired the film rights to the Otherland novels. IMDB has it listed as still in development. There's already an OTHERLAND MMO available on Steam, so I think that this would definitely be a fantastic candidate for LEGION MIDNIGHT! For Reference: Here's a link to the IMDB page | And here's the Wikipedia page with some great info | Oh, and a little side-note... I'm friends with Tad on Facebook, so if this is something of interest (which it *should* be!), then I could always reach out to him!
  7. Thanks @MeriJewel! Honestly, even more volunteer involvement would be great! I've just had a heck of a time finding folks in my area!! Pittsburgh actually has a fairly regular Con that I'd love to help participate in! SteelCityCon happens every few months.
  8. Greetings, Fellow Legionnaires! Been meaning to ask about this for a little while... I'll start with a little background first. I'm a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, and lost my job back in July. Recently I decided it was time to find something new... something better! I was wondering if Legion M anticipates growing our staff anytime in the relatively near future? The vast majority of activities, events, etc. are pretty West Coast centric, but there are a ton of us out East that are just as enthusiastic and fired-up to get involved! I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. With Point Park University, and the relatively large film/theatre/cinema community out this way (Bryan Cranston & Steve Carell are currently filming here actually), our area would be a fantastic place to do some more eastern activities. I'd love to become a lot more involved! I attached my resume for review (my background is in Tech), but I've got tons more to offer than that. I originally thought to send this via email, but I think it better to ask on here so that others can chime in, and perhaps us East Coast folks can get more opportunity for those of us that are too far away! J_McClintock-Resume-20171006.pdf
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much, @BigRedFed!
  10. Greetings! So I'm an idiot... I know I saw an email update on this recently from the Legion M email address, but I think I may have accidentally deleted it ! I invested in Round 2 back in April. I know it closed a couple weeks ago, and my account did get charged, but I haven't seen anything via Wefunder or other communication regarding how/when/where the transaction would be finalized. Any chance on getting an update here? Sorry for the trouble, & thanks so much! Onward & Upward! - Jeremy
  11. Cheers, @Stacy Nowinski! I literally just published my first-ever LinkedIn article on this exact topic! Sorry, I know it's somewhat off-topic for this thread. I've been hoping to help-out more on the tech side here, but time has not been on my side.
  12. Perhaps in addition to getting the active involved, there are Veterans everywhere that would probably love an opportunity like this! #GoArmy
  13. Greetings! Just curious... Been dying to get my hands on some gear so I can start rocking our brand, but a lot of the items in the store seem to be out of stock. And word as to when more might come in? Also, I recall seeing a message somewhere regarding use of the logo, etc. but can't find it at the moment. I'd love to get an embroidered polo or two that I could wear to the office! Thoughts/guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Is anyone else going to be at opening night for Colossal at The Waterfront in Pittsburgh tomorrow night?? Been watching for a meet-up, event info, etc... but haven't seen anything!
  15. Is anyone else going to be at opening night for Colossal at The Waterfront in Pittsburgh tomorrow night?? Been watching for a meet-up, event info, etc... but haven't seen anything!