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    I first heard about Legion M at Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. I'm all about opening the doors to Hollywood for everyone, whether connected in the industry or otherwise. I like the idea of working together to create quality content that people want to see and not just churning out sequels and reboots.
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  1. YOU GUYS. We need to talk about season two. Who's caught up!?
  2. We usually try to do a mix - grabbing a handful of people who are known or have a following helps put more eyes on the show. But this season also has "normal" people like April and Sarah, Eric and Daniel, Lucas and Brittany, Henry and Evan... and even teams like Trevor and Chris and Joey and Tim are not necessarily YouTube or reality stars. As far as crossover with Big Brother, well that's what happens when your shows share a casting department, haha. But that's been going on since season 16 of Amazing Race with Jordan & Jeff, and then season 20 with Brendon and Rachel.
  3. Don't forget to tune in tonight at 8/7c on CBS for the premiere of the thirtieth season!
  4. I have not, but we tried to pick movies that had nothing to do with the holidays, haha.
  5. Congratulations! That sounds really interesting.
  6. In the last few years, we've started a tradition that we'll watch a scary/horror movie on Christmas. You know, Insidious, Conjuring, Sinister... that kind of thing.
  7. Oh that's awesome, I went to a taping at Funhaus once. Maybe I had some of your stuff!
  8. Hey SoCal folks! The dude @Matan Goldstein and I are looking for New Year's plans. Would anyone from the legion want to meet up and do something fun? We're open to suggestions and willing to go anywhere commutable from Los Angeles (Santa Barbara, San Diego, Palm Springs, Vegas, even Tijuana...) Anyone got any ideas? Let us know!
  9. Haha that was a really fun video. Sounds like a great concept. I'm curious, what events have you done for RoosterTeeth?
  10. So you can book hotel first, buy gifts later?
  11. For anyone who got a badge that's looking for hotels. They are nonrefundable but if you know you're going, who cares? https://compass.onpeak.com/e/012604189/0#hotels
  12. We need this panel.
  13. It's funny, I felt like 2 minutes was barely enough time for my pitch. But I also know that 15-30 seconds is typical for an "elevator pitch" so 2 minutes seems really generous. And it definitely felt generous when I was watching 400+ of them. I think splitting the difference at 60 seconds would be a good compromise, yeah? Keep it short enough that people can get through the movie mogul, but long enough that people don't feel like they're rushed or have to leave things out.
  14. I think this is a great idea! It is hard to pit things against each other that are all over the place in terms of stages of development. It would be cool to treat them all equally in their own categories.
  15. Awesome, I'm so excited to see this project moving forward! I have someone in mind for a host, so let me know if your top pick doesn't pan out and you're looking for other options.