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  1. bugga Daniel is only 11
  2. prolly in the 70ish 80 mark not hot at all
  3. I have two sets of articles of clothing that I wear anymore. 1. My every day 9-5 Work Polo (mandatory) 2. Legion M tee Shirts from 5-bedtime (self-mandatory) 3 Legion M tee Shirts All day every weekend except for at church on Sundays then I come home and put on a Legion M tee.
  4. Hey, People Its Bakersfield Comic-Con Time again ... I can't believe it's been a year since I posted the last one already, but here we are again. 10th Annual BAKERSFIELD COMIC-CONNOVEMBER 18th & 19th, 2017KERN COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS If any of you want to do a Meetup or just attend the show let me know, I will be there both Days representing Legion M.
  5. For those of you who plan on doing a Cos-Play at the Con
  6. Okay, We're Officially a week away from Liftoff. Let's get this ironed out. Friday meeting location and time Lunch groups times vary depending on the events and Dinner groups Saturday meeting location and time Lunch groups times vary depending on the events and Dinner groups Sunday Meeting location and time Lunch groups times vary depending on the events and Dinner groups Contact Info for people going to the Con that wants to be included in Group Text Messages for the Event's If you Send me a Text message saying you want to be included in the Group Text I will get it started and add as the requests come in. Below you will find my contact information.
  7. Annnd I did not have the 1001 questions like the last time ..... even though it wasn't me
  8. I will be attending as well
  9. @Terri Pinon I am thinking we need to do a restaurant in the evening. I know Daniel my son wants to meet all of you in person as he's heard so much about most of you. So how does Friday the 27th sound?
  10. Welcome @Christine Pointeau We're Very Excited to have you here ... if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask and we'll do our best to get you the answers you need.
  11. When Daniel and I went to the Holly-Gon Mini-Con in Bakersfield we got Legion M on the cover of a comic book.
  12. I agree too @Karen C When we were in San Diego and I was hanging with Marilyn everyone wanted a Photo with her but did not distinguish the M from Legion and they thought it was for the Movie Legion that is coming out.
  13. Totally in for a Meetup @MeriJewel @Jeff Annison @Paul Scanlan @Damian Beurer @Eric Lam @Terri Lubaroff @David Baxter @Aaron B Wheeler Let's get together one of the nights ! !
  14. Soooo Very Glad your back up and running again ... I am sorry this happened to you.
  15. Are you Ready for the Fun and Excitement to Continue? Then Get Prepared for I will be bringing one of the youngest investors to this con as well CoolDLo (my son) will be joining me as well as two of our newest Investors from Texas ! ! ! So get on Board people and Lets Rock this CON ! !