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  1. Welcome @Christine Pointeau We're Very Excited to have you here ... if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask and we'll do our best to get you the answers you need.
  2. When Daniel and I went to the Holly-Gon Mini-Con in Bakersfield we got Legion M on the cover of a comic book.
  3. I agree too @Karen C When we were in San Diego and I was hanging with Marilyn everyone wanted a Photo with her but did not distinguish the M from Legion and they thought it was for the Movie Legion that is coming out.
  4. Totally in for a Meetup @MeriJewel @Jeff Annison @Paul Scanlan @Damian Beurer @Eric Lam @Terri Lubaroff @David Baxter @Aaron B Wheeler Let's get together one of the nights ! !
  5. Soooo Very Glad your back up and running again ... I am sorry this happened to you.
  6. Are you Ready for the Fun and Excitement to Continue? Then Get Prepared for I will be bringing one of the youngest investors to this con as well CoolDLo (my son) will be joining me as well as two of our newest Investors from Texas ! ! ! So get on Board people and Lets Rock this CON ! !
  7. I Really want to get in at the Buffy event. I know that fer sure, I even re-arranged my travel schedule in hopes of being able to score the tickets.
  8. I have interest but need more people.
  9. Hello @Elizabeth Hammack and WELCOME ! ! ! Love we have another Trekkie in tha hause ! ! ! !... Glad to have you ! !
  10. Hi @Ponch Fenwick This is Awesome ! ! ! ... Since this is your first Panel if I could be so Bold as to suggest that you speak with some of our more experience Panelists and they can inform you of what type of questions may arise regarding Legion M and some of the appropriate answers. @David Baxter, @Terri Lubaroff, @Jeff Annison, @Paul Scanlan, @Aaron B Wheeler, @Terri Pinon
  11. Yeah I am totally on this train with @Phil Silverman You just let me know and I am sure Daniel will come too this year.
  12. I know that I had the iPhone 6 and the 7 now the 7+ and they all use the lightning cable problem I'm having is the 7 and 7+ no longer has a Jack its all lightning and the adapter does not agree with just a microphone with out the earbuds so I'm amiss, unless I cut into the mic section on my apple earbuds and wire direct access to my external mic. Not sure yet.
  13. I dunno I have my ear to the ground listening for any rumbling of any news... If I find out I'll be sure to update here as well.
  14. I am hoping to win the VIP Tickets .. I think they Lotto was drawn last night. Just waiting for the Results ..
  15. Woo yeah I'll see you there ... I am still waiting on the Lottery to find out if I get in on the VIP seating for the event. but then I'll be in SD the eve of the 19th and pretty much the whole day on the 20th. and possibly the weekend depending on how things play out.