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  1. WHAT IS LEGION MIDNIGHT? Legion Midnight is an important part of Legion M's diversified slate of film, TV, digital, interactive and VR content. Specifically targeted at fans who crave experiences off the beaten path. Legion Midnight puts a big, blazing red M on highly creative, boundary-pushing projects that challenge established norms with their own brand of artistry. Legion Midnight embraces projects that some find dark, offbeat, or even strange -- projects that empower filmmakers to innovate and that attract loyal and passionate followings. Legion M is committed to ensuring that we always have a broad project portfolio spanning many genres of entertainment, especially those that engender a strong fan base. Legion Midnight films won't appeal to everyone (this is ART after all--how boring would it be if we all liked the same thing!), but we believe they have the potential to become successful cult favorites providing a lifetime of financial returns. Our hope is for Legion Midnight to help foster the next generation of Kubriks, Tarantinos and Lynches to create films with the potential to become cult classics like: Mad Max, Donnie Darko, Drive, Evil Dead, Memento, Grindhouse, Nightcrawler, Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brick, Black Swan, Looper, The Witch, Night of the Living Dead, or Pink Floyd: The Wall. See the video announcement here: http://legionm.us/forum/forums/topic/1271-nov-28-2017-video-update/
  2. Updates on Sundance and Pitch Elevator.
  3. Join Paul and Jeff for a deep-dive into all things Legion M. Recorded on Sept 27, 2017.
  4. Come listen to ideas and best practices and share your own! We want everyone’s participation! https://gateway.shindig.com/event/legionmproductionsmeetup
  5. On July 18th, fans around the world will make history by presenting Stan Lee with the ultimate gift--an Imprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood, CA. This will be the first time in history this honor has been presented by fans, and the first time fans have ever had a chance to be part of the ceremony! Stan Lee Imprint Ceremony
  6. MAKE HISTORY WITH STAN LEE! On July 18th, 2017, fans around the world will make history by presenting Stan Lee with the ultimate gift--an Imprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX in Hollywood, CA. This will be the first time in history this honor has been presented by fans, and the first time fans have ever had a chance to be part of the ceremony! If Stan's work has made a difference in your life, please join us and be a part of this historic celebration! Main page: https://thelegionm.com/celebrating-stan-lee Packages and Memorabilia: https://thelegionm.com/stan-lee-packages Be part of the Tribute Video: https://thelegionm.com/stan-lee-tribute-videos-2
  7. Legion M is lucky to count the one-and-only Stan Lee as a friend and investor. He’s turning 95 this year, and to help celebrate, we are putting together our very own STAN LEE TRIBUTE VIDEO filled with cameos of none other than –– YOU!!! We are gathering fans from around the world to pay tribute to the legendary Stan Lee and Legion M members are cordially invited to take part. These "Message to Stan" videos and images will be included in a montage for an up-and-coming special event this summer (details coming soon)! Follow this link to find out how YOU can pay tribute to the one and only STAN LEE!! https://thelegionm.com/stan-lee-tribute-videos-2
  8. Legion M would like to welcome you to our June 1st event in our series of monthly virtual video events where we will be interviewing and speaking with various Hollywood executives, producers, writers, directors, special effects pros etc for an interactive and engaging discussion. Steve Concotelli, the director of OUTATIME, is joining us for this event to talk about his documentary feature film chronicling the restoration of the BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean Time Machine. "The Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future is the most famous movie car in the world. But after decades of harsh winter weather, souvenir hunters and wild animals, this cinema icon seemed destined for the junkyard. OUTATIME chronicles the efforts of Bob Gale ( Co-Writer & Producer, Back to the Future trilogy), Universal Studios, and a group of dedicated fans, as they worked to bring the Time Machine back to life. Together they embark on the greatest movie prop restoration...of all TIME!" Turn on your webcams and spend an hour with Legion M and our invited guest! This is designed to be an interactive and social event, so be prepared to get involved! We suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox to attend this event. If you plan on attending via your tablet or mobile phone, you may do so using the Shindig2 Pro App. Just download it on your Android or iOS device. We look forward to seeing you at the event! Thursday June 1 @ 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time RSVP: https://gateway.shindig.com/event/legionmproductionsoutatime
  9. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Independent Film Distribution But Were Afraid to Ask!!! Michael Arrieta is a 23-year veteran of the entertainment industry. Throughout his career serving as a strategist, dealmaker, operator and industry visionary, Michael has a proven track record of identifying trends in both traditional and digital media and finding ways to derive value and profits through building, acquiring or investing in ideas and companies that have transformed the media landscape. His resume includes companies like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Big Air Studios and Morgan Creek Productions. Arrieta has distributed over 2,000 films, launched 10 Cable/OTT/Mobile Video Networks and has overseen the creation and launch of over 400 websites, 50 film/television/online series and 75 cross-platform games. For those who missed it, here's the link to the video of this event:
  10. The COLOSSAL Meetup page has been UPDATED with specific info for the week of April 14. Check it out now! https://thelegionm.com/colossal-local-meet-ups If you want to request or host a Legion M Meetup in your area, or get alerted when Colossal comes to your town, sign-up here: https://thelegionm.com/host-meetup
  11. Here's some info from @Paul Scanlan posted on Facebook today in reply to an investor:
  12. NEW YORK SHOWINGS: APRIL 7 - 9 Come join us for an opening weekend showing of COLOSSAL at the Regal Union Square or Lincoln Center AMC! Jeff Annison and David Baxter will be in from Legion M, Terri Piñon is making cupcakes, and we've got over 110 other members and investors on the RSVP list. Round up a group of friends, and lets BLOW OUT LEGION M'S FIRST MOVIE!! https://thelegionm.com/colossal-nyc-opening-night-tickets