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  1. Hi, Cynda. How are you? Sorry I didn't reply right away. I emailed you but got no answer. Follow this link to get to my team room. https://discord.gg/NGkeDVG
  2. https://rpgboards.blogspot.com/ Yet another blog. I might update this one later on. Much more....
  3. New blog entry. (Fiction.)
  4. I sent a skype reply but no answer. Guess you're busy. Did we talk earlier about my project?
  5. I now have discord..... morty19067#2740. Google hangouts: facunited.mw Still recruiting for team. Some people replied but haven't talked to them since. Added links to profile.
  6. Nice. I still have open spots. Have you ever played table top games? I wanted to adapt a "Dominion Rules" ruleset into a computer game format but had no success.
  7. Thanks for the reply, Cynda. I have emailed you a few times. I have concepts towards a startup nonprofit and would like to hear your opinions. Email me. Please. I wouldn't turn down any ideas you have. Have you previous experience in MMOs?
  8. New goal: selling hardware for obsolette gaming systems. Such as the Nintendo Wii U. There must be warehouses that store the darn things. I heard Nintendo had recalled all the machines in stores at some point for whatever reason. Just to get rid of them. I think they're quite nice pieces of entertainment. The games are great that were designed for it specifically or ported and improved for use with the "wii U gamepad" .... horrible name for such a great device.
  9. maybe merge this one with the other thread about Carrie FIsher's passing?
  10. RIP Debbie Reynolds.
  11. I'm too sad to look up an article to comfirm. Friends told me on skype.
  12. Death Never Accepts articles on an old blog.
  13. Wasn't Sisko a Commander?
  14. I"d say Barkley. I just recently learned he was also in the A-Team as "Mad Dog Murdock" and I loved him in that show. He's the pilot who likes to sing and BA (Mr T) hates is guts because he's afraid of flying so the other team members force him to sleep with tranquilizers when they need to fly. In TNG, his character was pretty trippy and had some insane moments. He lacked self-esteem at the best of times as well. As a mentally ill person, I can very much relate to him. The other members of the crew might have also been thru their fair share of insanity but Barkley just showed off those emotional scars a bit more brightly. Fun fact: Ensign Ro --- the first Bajoran to show up in the Star Trek shows --- was originally intended to star in DS9. The actress however refused to do so because she didn't want to be a major character in a new TV series. So Major Kira was created instead.