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    I wanted to own a piece of history. I also wanted to own part of a film studio.
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    I am an IT professional, so I can also help there.

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  1. I voted, then read I missed it. lol
  2. There are quite a few assorted Nagelene bottles. I have 6 myself.
  3. Look up Nagalene, great local company here where I live.
  4. This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  5. Is there any interest in this? I can get a great deal on ones with a life guarantee.
  6. Is there any reason you want to sell the shares?
  7. For me, I am trying to spread the word about Legion M in Wny. It seems like people are not listening, We are a huge area, but not many members. I think Legion M at Comicon in Niagara Falls would be a great place to recruit.
  8. @Eric Lam Thanl you, I ordered a shirt, Thank you for letting me know. When it comes to me, I will need to do a pic with all my cool shirts. I feel like a collector now. lol
  9. Great news, I feel the cloud lifting off me.
  10. @Eric Lam do you have a investor shirt for a big guy like me? I finally have enough saved to get one. I am sorry I was delayed. Also I like it a store clean up.
  11. Where are with this?
  12. I went to buy a shirt the other day, and all were sold out. Can we have someone update the store with current merchandise? Or if something is sold out, add a note we will be restocking things. I missed my chance for a founders shirt, I am sad, but I will buy one of the other cool shirts.
  13. Time to binge watch
  14. For me having founding member shares is a perk, and I will not sell them. But my second round shares, I may sell at some point in the future.
  15. I have five people by me at work who live in Rochester NY.