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  1. Yo @Jeff Annison why would we not want to sell out a screening? Although I do see the value in shooting for less busy times in order to be more social, that per screen total is also a good number to push up.
  2. Well, Hotelpocalypse is soon to be upon us. I'll enter my requests, and see what happens after that. Should I, or any of you not get a room nearby the convention center, and don't really want to rely on the shuttle service from the outer rings, such as Mission Valley and Hotel Circle, Ace Parking will begin registration tomorrow for their parking lottery. It opens tomorrow, April 2, and will remain open for the next 3 weeks, and is basically a form where you say you want a chance to pre-purchase downtown parking. They will then select people in groups who can purchase whatever parking they want in rounds, based on when you get confirmed. Again, this is a really nice option if you end up with parking in the hinterlands and want your car nearby.
  3. Yes, they always release two weeks out, so for the Friday, March 23rd, it will be released on March 9th, and so on. And they still use the Sched app, it has become pretty much a standard for a lot of events lately.
  4. Interesting, I'm slammed that weekend already, mostly getting ready for our own film festival in Newport Beach in April. Nice to see something independent and accessible to people outside the big events.
  5. Those of us hosting panels aren't allowed to really publicly announce them, so there will be some vagueness about this response. Having the flu and being medicated is going to make this post super fun. There is a panel on Friday evening at 6:30pm, I can't even remember what project it is to promote, but that is because we now have a lot all happening at the same time. This one is Legion M or Legion M adjacent, if that makes sense. There is a panel on Saturday, I want to say 4pm, but there could be very little resemblance to reality on that point. This is also either Legion M or Legion M adjacent. Finally, on Sunday morning at 10:30am there will be a panel that is not Legion M, it is my precious, and if you can finish this quote you will know pretty much what to expect. "In a hole in the ground there lived a ______________" The Legion M Team is getting ready to fly out to various events over the course of the next few weeks to promote Bad Samaritan and Field Guide to Evil, so no idea when we might get more details, other than the official Wondercon schedule, which will roll out 2 weeks prior. In fact, the Wondercon schedule will roll out over the SWSX weekend, imagine that. There is also the intention to host a fan gathering, or Moot as they say in my particular fandom.
  6. They seem to only be able to focus on one project at a time, which means they usually lose out on available space.
  7. It's kind of fun, reminiscent of both the Mummy and the prologue to the original Stargate film.
  8. I've got a hold on a Courtyard by Marriott near the airport, outside of the block, but then, I'm Platinum with Marriott so I have access to the override. I can't do that for any of the city center Marriotts, but at least this way I have something I can work with. Any possible hotel block request must be for either Vendors, big Panels (studios and the like) or via working with individual hotels if you are going to be doing some onsite event such as an activation or a cocktail party or whatever. That's it, and most of those have to go through SDCC departments, I now know which ones for which type of event, but random folks converging on SDCC can't do this.
  9. I'm at a Travel Trade show this weekend and bith the Pendry and the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego are here. I'll be speaking to them today or tomorrow. What would be immensely helpful right now is if someone could make posts on FB and here to get a wuick headcount. SDCC strongly controls the rooming contracts, so I'll want numbers. Need input from @Paul Scanlan @Jeff Annison on this too.
  10. Public sale begins on December 9, have fun everyone, I still get to wait for programming to open.
  11. I am going and I'm wondering about ticket redemption. I can't even remember what time the film starts. I hope to go up earlier in the afternoon to hang out with some of my Liningup friends, but my work schedule will determine how much free time I have. @Eric Lam or @Damian Beurer
  12. So Friday meet up is going to be at Cliftons I'm kinda hoping for El Cholo on Saturday, and if not there, then the Mixology lounge at the J.W. Marriott like last time, but we'll just have to wait and see what is decided upon by the team. I have a suggestion for an event on Sunday, should anyone be game for it, and want to do something a little out of the ordinary. Te Puia, a Maori group from Rotorua in New Zealand will have an arts, cultural and performance exhibit all this week running in Venice called Tuku Iho: Living Legacy. To learn a little about what this group is, click below for There will be live carvings of wood and green stone (jade), Kapa Haka performances and the artwork, and even some tattoo artists. And I just found out while researching sites to give you for more info, Air New Zealand is tossing out a prize for 2 tickets to New Zealand. I was already going on Sunday, but now there is more incentive for you to come along as well. The big performances will be at 11am and 3:30pm each day a 10 minute walk from the Rose Room down to the Venice pier, gives them room to do their thing. So anyone interested in going to see the Maori event on Sunday, just let me know.
  13. The exhibit hall on Friday doesn't open until 1pm, so a lunch on that day could happen before the chaos. My goal is to be there before that, since I need to check into the Residence Inn. I was planning on hitting the Smashburger in LA Live on my way between the hotel and the Convention Center. Dinner meet ups apparently being decided upon by @David Baxter and @Damian Beurer
  14. All the cool kids seem to have panels on Saturday. For those of you arriving to the con early I will be moderating a panel on J.R.R. Tolkien at 10am. Looks like it will pair nicely with Matthew's World Building panel. And @Terri Lubaroff is doing a panel that day too at 1pm.
  15. Guess SDCC decided not to delay things like last year. Of course, this is only for those who purchased a badge for SDCC 2017, open registration will be at a later date, and Pro registration already happened. I probably won't be able to register until May next year if I get invited back for a Panel.