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    I am currently a Technical Designer for DaVita Healthcare Partners. in my role I do video production, Graphic design, Training Videos, Voice Over and Self Paced Courses.
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    Oh so many. Photography, Creative Woodworking, Motorcycles and about any form of art.

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    Video Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Development, Self Paced Course Development, Adobe Suite, Swift, Actionscript, VB Script.
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    Associate in the Arts with Specialty degrees in Graphic design and Web Development.
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    After hearing about Title III funding. I started looking for opportunities. Legion M was the first no-brainer. A company that has partners in Production, Marketing and Delivery all backed by a Legion of vested fans was brilliant in a time where Hollywood seems to be self-imploding. As a comparison. Legion M was the first Title III I invested in and although I have invested in 5 others. My investment in the Legion is 20x the size of the others and I am excited to add more to that.
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    Always willing to help with small jobs. And excited to bring my piece of talent to what makes this Legion Special.
    I may avoid larger jobs due to time constraints and other responsibilities.
  1. Well, that didn't take long. Chinese Netflix just signed a partnership with TRX
  2. Great to hear Jeff. And I can't ask for more than that. The tech is moving so fast right now, it is understandable that many may feel the urge to resist. It breaks all the rules most people are accustomed to. Just last night I read about another one that really excites me personally. Kodak is coming out with a Kodakcoin that will track a photographers photos across the web and pay the photographer in Micropayment for views and usage. As a digital photographer, this has been a problem since the very start of the web, and I even consciously committed to the fact that once I posted them online. They were no longer mine, and might as well give up rights to them. This tech is solving a lot of problems with the modern world. And the average person may be able to ignore it for now. But I think as entrepreneurs. We'll get run over if we don't at least pay attention. I am doing a lot of trading in these ALT coins and am watching the market carefully. I will certainly give you a heads up anytime someone makes a move in our space. Right now that VR one is the only one I've seen. But the Music coin shows that there could be something similar coming for the movie industry. Netflix looks like a prime platform for jumping on board too. So if they don't, someone else will. It is also feasible that we would be able tag onto something like a Netflix coin as partners with our own rewards program. However that takes the control of how it works and main profits out of our hands. Anyway, thanks for listening and hit me up if I can help in this area at all.
  3. There are Blochains that handle the interchange automatically too. The whole thing is a lot to wrap your head around. And that is partially why it took me so long to buy into it myself and I understand the tech behind it. The VR world that is being called is Decentraland. The final lots were going for the equivalent of $80k. The first lots started I believe around $4k. The basis is this. They are building a virtual world to house all the virtual businesses. Each person that buys a lot is basically doing the equivalent of the US land grab. I personally am not buying into the value they are setting at this stage because you can always create more VR worlds. I mean that is the point of being virtual. But what they want to do is build cities as destinations you go and walk around kinda like a mall. Wanna watch a movie, theres's a theater. Play some blackjack, Jump into a VR Night Club and watch a band, See a concert. Basically a central city for gathering of VR social communities. As for explaining blockchain. That would be tough here. There are many sites that can explain it far better than me. But I will try to give you a very basic rundown. Think of a Blockchain as a database or (Ledger). Similar to a spreadsheet. In the most basic sense a Blockchain is the same. IT records transaction and depending on the type of transaction it gets smarter from there. A most basic example is Send from an address, this amount, of this currency, to this address. Nothing else is needed aside from timestamps and IDS. But then lets say that you want to have a third party involved. All three parties have to commit and send their transaction before a forth party gets paid. And then they just keep getting smarter. By adding custom formulas they make these currencies into programs that handle any transaction that a computer can do now. So currencies no longer act as currencies and just become more of a away of life. Borrow a shopping cart at ALDI's and need to insert a quarter? Want that quarter back when you return it. All these things would be handled by these currencies but with near field communications so you don't need to do anything unless it requires verification, and you will never even need to understand the tech because it is already being implemented everywhere and you don't even see it. Here is a brief response explanation about the monetization of Ether. To get into the crypto world now. Most people buy Bitcoin from Coinbase. So let's say that I buy $100 USD worth. by doing that. I am taking $100 out of the US economy and putting it into the CryptEconomy. So my Bitcoin purchase is actually backed by US Dollars. For someone else to purchase that Bitcoin from me, they would have to offer me slightly more for it because Bitcoins are in demand. If they weren't and I wanted to get rid of it. I'd have to sell it for less. Just like the stock market. The reason I say this will take over the world economy is because it already is. The reason it is nearly 3rd highest in the world economy market cap is because every time someone purchases a Cryptocoin, they are removing money from the world economy. Shrinking the others and growing in size. And it is happening at an alarming rate. And it actually is far more secure and proven value than an actual dollar bill. With US Currency. If you loose it, burn it, destroy it, have it stolen. It is gone. With a cryptocurrency. You get public addresses for sending and receiving. But as long as you keep your "private key" hidden or safe. That wallet you store it all in is yours. Even if you loose the phone or the hardware wallet or the piece of paper it was printed on. HOWEVER!!! That private key is the ONLY thing that is needed to access your money. And that is where the scams are. So if you get into this world at all. KNOW THAT. Your private key is very important and should be treated more securely than your social security number. However you feel it is safe. It can be printed on a piece of paper and stored in your freezer. Or double encrypted on a thumb drive. Your choice. Here is another thing that should be understood as an advantage of crypto, the US Dollar can decrease in value every time the US Fed decides to print more dollars. Every time they do. All your US equity looses value and it has happened a lot over history. Ad the US is by far not the only country to do it. With each crypto there is a definite amount of coins you are buying into and that can never change. I see a future where these main crypto currencies all level out and stabilize. and the ALT coins are the only thing that rise and fall in value based on demand. And here is another part that is tough for some to wrap their heads around. They say that crypto is unhackable. Well take that with a grain of salt because someday that will not be true. But it is true for right now, and it is by far an extremely more safe method than the way we do most things these days. And nothing else functional compares right now. So think of it this way. All those transactions I mentioned above are stored in blockchains. That happens on a computer that is mining for transactions. That computer gets a very very tiny micro payment based on a (Gas) limit for computing and storing that transaction (Fee is defined by you, want it to happen faster? add more gas, someone will pick it out of the cue quicker). Again eliminating the banker in this case. So one computer picks up the transaction and logs it and verifies it. But now the same thing happens on many more computers for the same transaction. Each one verifying that all conditions have been met and that it is ok to execute. Depending on the type of coin, the transaction may not take place until there are more than 20 transactions confirmed in some cases. Each of those transactions is recorded and happen with heavy encryption. Each is done without a connection to each other or even knowing they are happening. So to hack just one of those computers would be tough. But this is were it gets unique. Due to the nature of the encryption and the storage. In order to hack just one transaction. You would first have to capture each of those miners without knowing which were picking up the same transaction. Hack each of the addresses. At the same time in order to figure out the address of every computer in those transaction ledgers. You can't do it one by one because they are happening at random on other computers while you are just trying to capture one encrypted download. And then you'd have to go back and hack them all at the same time so none of them would throw a flag. So unhackable? Well, someday someone will have a computer fast and smart enough. But I doubt that person will be human, because there are physical limitations to hacking a blockchain. It really is that secure. So no more worrying whether the gas station attendant is stealing your numbers. Even your medical records could be handled one by one as needed by you and only you. A doctor wants to look at them. You would need to verify it. As for the middle man, that is clearly one of the things that will drive the urgency to adopt these things. The music example is just one but a very good one. Imagine your local bakery with the sign in the window that says $10 minimum for debit purchase. That is because they get charged up to $.50 a transaction. We don't need credit cards, bank, debit cards, brokers, loan officers, car salesman or any of that anymore. Wanna buy a home? Transfer your coins to a smart crypto that allows you to ensure you have a warranty, insurance, inspectors, and all payments set to work as they are executed. So why would you need the realtor, other than to make sure you don't trash homes when you view them? But hey the Internet of things will handle that aspect too and they already have cryptos for that too. I honestly do not see this as a bad thing. The jobs that would be eliminated are in the fields of greed and power with no real purpose. Yes, many jobs will be lost. But the average person will begin to get value out of their everyday life activities and get paid for it. And I am not talking about scams that suck you into online schemes. There is no middleman. Remember that. So if an advertiser want to pay you because you just watched a video. Why should you pay someone else in the middle of that? If you want to stream a Legion M movie directly to your VR Headset. Why should comcast, sony distribution, and everybody else get a cut out of that? The producers, actors, directors, designers, 3d Artists can actual get micro payments every time someone watches the film. And it would all be seamless and part of a contract that is handled by the cryptocurrency blockchain. Hopefully this helps piece it all together for you. I really encourage you to look into the topic further if you enjoy tech. If not, then it will likely take forever to come to grips with the actual functionality. Because there is a lot of changes coming to the way we do things. And they are going to be coming fast. And the people behind this tech know that they have to make this seamless. So it really will be your choice as to whether you learn it or not. But you will not have a choice but to adopt it. Below are some helpful links to get you started: Some Favorite Blockchain projects: Disney backed: WePower (The power grid): This allows anyone to sell their excess solar on the grid in an auction and get paid immediately as it is being used Decentral Land: The VR World MUSICoin:
  4. I don't think I have to go too far into detail about why I thought Legion M was a brilliant idea to this audience. So just bear that in mind when I explain my idea. I've been in tech for 15 years, advertising, Social media, programming, marketing, design, and have been actively investing stocks more and more each year for the last 15 years. There is a point to this and it is not to brag. That point is, that my career has always been about chasing technology. So when I first heard about Crypto Currencies. I paid attention. But I've also been the type to realize the might of governments to stop things. So I was very skeptical for a long time that they might get crushed. But I am now thoroughly convinced that Crypto currencies are the way of the future. I don't believe that even if all the nations got together to try to stop it that they would be able to. And not only that, blockchain technologies are going to change everything in our lives, and the way we do everything right now has already positioned us perfectly for this technology. So much so that it will just automatically become a part of our lives without us ever making the decision that we want it or even need to know what the hell it is. I get it now. I have seen the future and it very much looks like the movie "Ready Player One", So please forgive me for sounding exuberant. So ok. No this is not a sales pitch for crypto currency. Well it is, but it is about building a Legion M Cryptocurrency. And I think it is something that we should seriously consider because if we don't, we may find ourselves quickly behind a highly funded team of super stars and very motivate indivduals. Why am I sounding so hyper/dire? Because the nature of Blockchains and smart contracts, once you 'get it,' is that it takes the middleman completely out of the game. It is the producer and the consumer. That's it. You need something I got it. why do I need a distributor when everyone that is using this network is willing to allow hops of data on a node of their phone. Cable Companies. Your days are numbered big time now. There is now a crypto that would allow any musician to record a song. Save it on their computer and someone with a MUSIC crypto would pay that musician directly for listening to that song. And it is as seamless as a Spotify system. You use micro payments through these ALT Coins. And if you run out of coins, you can how many ads you want so the advertisers (Also without a middleman) pay you in the same token. There is another Crypto $MANA that is building a Decentraland VR platform. On Dec 19th they held an Auction for the "Genesis" City and sold 90k lots to the public and reserved 40k for Public works and other functional space. These lots were all the same size. With unlimited height. You could build casino's, a retail store, movie theaters, VR Entertainment park, Social Gatherings like VR Facebook. See where this is all going? The final lots were going for the equivalent of $80k USD. And yes, they sold out. And yes there will be more cities. There were less than 1000 that registered for the auction. And it is not an easy process, I tried. But I did buy the coin and that is skyrocketing too. But the point is to show how much demand there is for this stuff. And how this aligns even further with what we want to do with the legion. Imagine a Legion M Icons Theater. The reason I am convinced cryptos and blockchain tech is going to succeed, is because the developers building them, get paid by committing code that gets approved, and was suggested, and approved by the community (The owners of the coin), and it is all just one smart contract that gets automatically executed when everything aligns as agreed upon by all parties. And it has the ability to adapt and get smarter as needed and requested by the community.) The more they commit to the coin, the more it influences the development, the more it increase the value for everyone. And in many cases it even eliminates traditional employers. All the designer, web developers, advisors, and investors all have a stake and have a serious motivation to make it better. And they are all backing projects of stuff they love. These are the next wave of high tech Monsters. I believe the crypto world will also one day consume all government currencies (fiat's). And I also believe the coin could consume the way we own stock in all corporations. Consider it JOBS ACT to the 10th power. There is an ICO next week for a coin that would allow you to buy and sell surplus solar from your neighbor or buy it from a market with no one else involved and all you do is agree to a contract buy transferring coins. The coins are the contracts. Retailers are loving the loyalty points system were if you allow them info like shoes size, your shoe store will give you reward points, and can automatically feed you inventory lists based on the info you get paid to provide them with. Know how apple phones send you coupons when you walk in a target? Just like that, it is already happening. But crypto will be the way all this info gets transferred privately so you can send them your age and dress size. Or in secure cases like transferring medical data to a doctor. These custom ALT coins are built off the Smart contracts of Ethereum, and they keep getting smarter. Why do we need cashiers anymore? Think about that? And no I don' t mean self checkout. The only reason we stop is because they need to know what is leaving for inventory, and payment. You need to give them payment info and a way to return and reference items for future rewards. But why would you need to stop if you already have a smart phone, near field communications, RFID chips in the merchandise already. And scanners at many of the large retailers. All of that can be handled, buy a custom Crypto. No cashier. And you just walk right out. Thumb print to verify so they don't arrest you. And there will no longer be middle men there either. The inventory and ordering all becomes automated. And human proof because it is a contract that doesn't execute unless all things happens that were agreed upon. It is now in the news that Mark Zuckerberg is studying how he can implement cryptos, and he better hurry because there are already viable projects building right now that would pay you for adding content and you would be part owner of the platform. And asian social networks already have cryptos implemented for payments. There is chatter Amazon is also discussing creating their own coin. Oh and Disney already has their own called Dragon ($DRGN), and it is doing very well. (I own it) So anyway, that is my pitch. There are a million ways you can configure cryptos. But the whole point of Crypto is Decentralization and putting the power into the hands of the people and making them owners. So I hope you see the same possibilities I see, because they directly align with what i liked about the legion, and there are a million possibilities with instant rewards for building the Legion and keeping track of the info and data of an actual legion connected by currency. The sky is the limit. And first adopters always have a huge advantage. Which is why everyone is so crazy about Cryptos right now. Before I go, it is important to note that if we don't decide to look into crypto. In my opinion, It is still going to seriously change our industry, so we need to pay attention and prepare for that in other ways. Ok, that is all. Thanks for your time. BTW - I'm going all in on Legion M-coins if they becomes a reality. $LGM!
  5. Not exactly. I have a membership with my job at So the Bodies and heads came from there and I played Dr Frankenstein to put them together. So if we would want to use these without crediting each of the original artists. A 1 month membership is $9.99, which would include the licensing fees for anything on the site.
  6. How about something for both genders of these heroes?
  7. I'd like to see a new promo commercial that highlights all the things we've done so far since Round 1, how we've grown, and teases where we are going. I think the actions of the Legion so far are a great selling point. And having something that is easily shareable will help in many of the ideas above. In the Shindig. When we were talking about costs of current projects and what we have taken in so far. I think that is a huge seller when you look at the fact that we are finding ways to grow the legion with ways that still are profitable. I know we must be careful what we convey and how we convey it. But those numbers said to me. "We are on a path to profit" and if that happens in the next year, we will be way ahead of most startups at this stage and look a lot less risky. Another thing that I really wish Wefunder would fix, is the Gift Cards. They started it and then they bailed on it. I would immediately go out and buy $100 gifts for 2 friends that I think would be a good fit, but either never invested before or are scared to jump in. I already did this with my daughter, but it was not an easy process. I am not advocating that we all go out and buy shares and give them away. But my guess is that I am not alone in the thought that gifting Legion M shares is a great way to show you care by providing hope for a future, and draw the interest of others into what we are doing.
  8. 1st I would advise not really paying attention to reviews if you haven't seen it. I can't see how that would help the experience. And when a movie gets hyped too much it just dulls it for you. JMO But if you are still reading, I think it is a completely original mix of many genres. Storylines like this can be hard to pull off and it might have flopped had it not had good actors. But after watching 4 of Nacho's films now. You have to give the guy amazing props for his original ideas. He claims to mix many other writers ideas. But his stories themselves are so very original. He is being humble. The only close comparison to this film would be twilight zone. Which should tell you a lot about how twisted the plot can be. You get drawn into the characters because the issues they touch on are popular in society, so you can at least relate either directly or indirectly because most everyone has been effected in one way or another by the problems they face, but they are not often confronted on screen. At least not in any way close to this. So you get great monster Sci-Fi with a mesh of hard in your face life lessons.
  9. So I have to give my daughter the credit for this idea. On saturday we had the awesome experience of traveling to NYC to see Colossal with the crew. We had a great time. Movies are a common theme for Dad/Daughter nights. After the movie she was complaining and telling me a story about her boyfriend having the same issue. The ticket stubs are nothing more than a tiny receipt that crumbles when you stick it in your pocket. Throughout my life some of my favorite memories were of going to movies with dates, family and friends. So I always kept my ticket stubs. I still have a shoe box full of concert and movie tickets. I have sifted through them many times over the years drifting back in time. I also have coasters, business cards and other fliers from events I collect to save memories and they are all stapled to the inside of my shed like wallpaper. So I'd have to agree. Those damn little pieces of paper piss me off too. I want something cool. Sounds like a Legion M merchandise opportunity to me: Purchase any Legion M Event ticket through us or partner, and be mailed a premium paper and full color printed ticket. (Could be optional to offset cost) Printed fake commemorative tickets handed out at the event as an advertising opportunity for Legion M on the back of them. Partner with Alamo to get our name on tickets and provide a better quality ticket for them? Numbered or Limited edition tickets. Printable tickets personalized with date and time? Maybe a web app.
  10. Just want to give a public Shout Out to @Eric Lam for taking care of all my questions and treating me like a VIP. I am sure he is currently scrambling trying to arrange all this as it develops. So a big high flying Legion M high Five to ya. @Eric Lam = 4 answering the .
  11. Thanks @Eric Lam, that helps. Regarding Poster: My concern with the poster is the damaging. If it is in a tube or something protecting it, I am fine with carrying it. Although I am also fine with paying a bit more to ship it too so I don't have to worry about it. So whichever option works out for you is good for me. For the shirts, can I get both in Indigo? Thanks again for clarifying.
  12. Thank you both. I can work around the theater and will wait for further details on the rest. Just was beginning to realize the questions building and wanted to make sure I was still on track. Looking forward to it.
  13. Hey guys. I am sure you are probably still working on details. But I just noticed the NYC event in fb and now am confused. I had purchased the vip screening pack when you first posted it for April 8th in NY. I thought it was at 4:30 and at a different theater than the event you just posted on Facebook for the same date/time. Is this a different event? ( If so will Jeff and David be meeting up with us too later? Do you know whether I should expect physical tickets? Will I be picking the poster and swag up there? I am concerned about the poster since I purchased the autographed versions and expect to be walking around the city and joining whatever dinner you guys had planned. And will need to take transit out to Hoboken later in the evening. So not an ideal situation to be carrying stuff like that around. (Unless they are in a protected tube) Just looking for some sort of idea what to expect. Coming from Allentown, so like to plan my attack on the day. @Terri Pinon Sorry to tag just you. But you are the only one I know involved in the NY group.
  14. In the spirit of celebrating our first A list movie and the opening of our new round. I thought we could use some custom Legion M emoticons to help introduce that excitement into the forums. So here they are. Anything Colossal!: When someone does something outstanding: And when you need to call the Legion together:
  15. And this is why I have such faith that when we hit a Million, we're just getting started. We have visionaries that have good moral restraint to be humble with their expectations and true to their brilliant plan. Thanks for conveying this. Great insight. If this model holds true to the way I aspire it. We could have a legion so strong it could sustain itself with only investors one day. A very lofty dream, but possible. Consider how much we each consume in entertainment content each month and multiply that by a Million or more? Well if we feel so compelled as owners reaping the returns, why would we ever miss a single Legion M production? By our founders model. All our investors will be engaged with a vested interest to promote, build and create together. And in an industry that is known for explosive growth and at a time of unicorns running amuck. Why would you doubt it? I say, dream bigger than Disney. Think Colossal!!!