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  1. It was disappointing but not truly terrible. I felt like it was a mostly good movie weighed down by one too many significant problems. I realize that it wouldn't quite be Star Wars without plot holes. I was not expecting the second movie in a trilogy to neatly tie everything up. I realize that Johnson wanted to defy expectations. Maybe it will stand up better with repeated viewings. That's all fine. I still think that there were too many red herrings and the treatment of Luke and Leia both was downright disrespectful. And somehow, the plot makes a huge mess going forward even though nothing really changed other than a few major deaths.
  2. Here's the latest. It seems to be over, but I don't know if Legion M was any of those potentials with whom he was negotiating. Had you heard anything, @Ryan Heath Nixon ? https://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/
  3. Please do. I'm sure there were some folks who dismissed the pilot thinking that this show would be too derivative and predictable. It quickly proves to be anything but. IIRC it's the third episode where Three really starts to shine and come into his own, while at first, he looked like a straight Expy of Jayne. Just for example.
  4. Today's update: https://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/september-4-2017-the-dark-matter-latest/ "The Dark Committee," I like that. I'll have to use that in a story sometime.
  5. @MeriJewel Yeah, I saw that too. I should set a reminder. Thanks. Thanks, Ryan. Let him know we are pulling for them all and that I've said twice now that I'd sell a kidney to apprentice under him.
  6. Here's an update: https://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/september-2-2017-informing-and-updating-dark-matter-fans/ Thanks again.
  7. Here's a quote from someone on the Facebook group, about contacting Netflix:
  8. If you haven't seen Dark Matter, you can catch the first two seasons on Netflix, and all I can really ask is that you watch the first episode or two. I can understand if some elements from the first few episodes look similar to other fan favorites, but first of all: While this show is more evolutionary than revolutionary, and this is the true spiritual successor to Firefly, Dark Matter quickly establishes its own identity and is very much a product of its time. The show explores themes that are classic yet relevant to the zeitgeist of the now. What makes identity? Can people change? Can bad people be redeemed? What really is the lesser evil? Who can you trust? How well do you ever really know anyone- even yourself? This show has delved into some weighty topics for an action series and handled them deftly. The casting and acting have all been phenomenal, right up there with Marvel. In particular, Zoie Palmer has surpassed even Brent Spiner in portraying an android and Anthony Lemke has given remarkable depth to Three, a character who would have been a shallow walking joke in any other show. The writing is very strong, and one of my favorite things about the show is that no character ever does anything stupid or out-of-character just to advance the plot. Seriously. Ever. They don't even forget their options, and there are very few plot holes. They often do surprising and shocking things, but usually what shocking is that they didn't follow the stock expected path. It really has been a great story. Dark Matter seriously is one of the best shows on TV right now. So, of course, it's being canceled. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftvline.com%2F2017%2F09%2F01%2Fdark-matter-cancelled-syfy-season-4%2F&h=ATOR1rZwqBBftXXqTpY8F7-p5di0tIJrExSRlS2kco6RQOmcigZ9zHv1jw9PRv6Pr0idJdewmzJDXLnh8K84WLhL0NlqmESDMFEZSGPvpiRYpDaGWuhxzTrHKIFP7vcrlBjOyYkgLAPf6St70rIuvOx7nBT9qMG0dDa5GD8kEiG_rx4-4s7OS-yI-RcKcS7LVrbfz-TtNpgmyr594-cn7sE1AjneBxyoDVLey7egpF7irc1pDzwRDPoudNSfJkq-ejqbuxIidcTDMTRjuTLPEPeTXnMt From the creator, Joe Mallozzi, whom you may know from his work on the Stargate franchise: https://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2017/09/01/september-1-2017-dark-matter-cancelled/ But like I told the Facebook fan group, this is a very different situation from the cancelation of Firefly. It's a different time. We can react far more quickly and powerfully. And I seriously think we should. Not to change minds at Syfy- for my personal opinion of them, this is the straw after the last one. But to get the show picked up elsewhere, ideally Netflix. I realize that Paul & Jeff want to do more than back horses, and that's up to them, but other than that, if the rest of us want to flex our collective muscle, this is a good opportunity to do that too. Within minutes of the news breaking, someone started this petition, for one: https://www.change.org/p/renew-dark-matter and here is a form for Netflix- like I said, the first two seasons are already on there, but the page https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest also has contact info for them if you want to give more detail. As for @Jeff Annison & @Paul Scanlan if you are reading this, can you please talk to Joe and ask if there is anything we can do to help? If they just need a cheaper venue for filming I'm sure we can find something. I can maybe even talk to some people around here. Land and labor are cheap in Kansas, and the City of Lawrence is always willing to cut a deal with new industry. Thanks much, regardless, everyone.
  9. Isn't it possible for us to help without completely taking over? Much of the point is to have a large fanbase with clout, right?
  10. Yaknow what? I was going to give you a link to Emergency Awesome who showed the trailer and then some commentary, but that was taken down because of copyright. Same with another channel I checked. So this link is to the official Star Trek channel on YouTube. And yes, I consider the very fact that they have to act like this to be a show of weakness, not strength. If they were confident in their work they would want people discussing it. I know there was that draconian fanfic policy change not too long ago and this might be part of that mess, but still, it doesn't look good.
  11. I'm glad they are at least trying to give us a new show, and I don't know anyone who begged more to make Michele Yeoh captain, and I'm sure she will still kill it BUT- -I don't understand why they needed to change the Klingons. That doesn't even make any sense. -I guess this is in the Prime timeline by default since it takes place before the break point? But you would you know that by looking at it? -ENOUGH WITH THE PREQUELS ALREADY. ANY FRANCHISE, I DON'T CARE. SERIOUSLY JUST STOP. All of that I could forgive if the show does turn out to be good despite its problems, which it very well could, and I'm willing to be patient. This franchise is after all the Trope Namer for "Growing the Beard", BUT- my single biggest problem with this trailer is how lifeless and joyless it feels. Too dark as well, but even that is secondary. DS9 went dark and made that work, but trying to copy BSG (don't get me started) is NOT the way to do that. It just feels stiff, lifeless, and joyless. Do they think this is a good time to go dark? Well, it's not. Sure, The Expanse is critically acclaimed, Dark Matter is kicking ass, and Game of Thrones is the biggest thing in geekdom right now. Star Trek is no stranger to trendy, from Chekov's hair to Janeway's coffee, but that is so superfluous compared to Trek's essential nature. And that is optimism for the future. And THAT is what we need right now. If there is anything that Star Trek has to offer us in these trying times, it is some sense of hope for the future. I remember when TNG first started. I was 12 and I'd already had some exposure to SciFi, having read at least some of the classics, like Dune, and I'd started on the works of Orson Scott Card. There was a lot of hype for the return of Star Trek, and my parents hated it, so it must be cool, right? But when I saw it, what struck me most was not all the fancy gadgets or the sleek new ship, or how cool Data was, or how hot Marina Sirtis was, but that for the first time in my life I saw an optimistic vision of the future. That's what stuck with me all these years, and that is what I feel is at the heart of what Trek really is. Optimism, and with that, a sense of life, a sense of joy. The life of characters we care about, in a world so much bigger than they are. The joy of discovering that world, that universe. Trek is always at its best when it remembers this when it stays true to what it is. So that is my hope, and yes, what really worries me about this trailer. And yes, CBS All Access is a doomed enterprise, at least if they try to make it a paid subscription service, and the way they've done it feels like a slap in the face of Trek fans in the US. They really should renegotiate the deal and just put it all on Netflix. If that works for Marvel (which is to say Disney) then it can work for them.
  12. The first thought that comes to mind is a little vignette about peacefully resolving an argument with a friend. Maybe three scenes in 10 minutes or so? That's a good topic for a 10-year-old boy, right?
  13. Does anybody know anything about Gigsalad? Is it any good? Might that be a good place to look if I'm thinking about trying standup comedy?
  14. My first idea for a recurring skit is "Jim Bob's Home Repair," sort of a spoof of a DIY channel. Jim Bob is a redneck handyman who gives tips on how to maintain your own house, but he inexplicably has all kinds of science fiction gadgetry lying around. "Now if you don't have a plasma cutter, the next best thing is yer garden variety light saber. Careful now, these things'll cut ya!" And then cut to Cousin Billy, who is missing a hand and says, "Can ye guess what gesture I'd be making right now if I still had my hand?" "Ah, don't sweat it, I'll make you a droid arm." At the end, he uses the light saber to light a cigarette. "Now son, you put that shrink ray down right now! You know that is not a toy! Ya know I only use that thing to help people move!" "Ah dangit! I left my Stargate open! This thing's murder on the electric bill!" "Ya gotta get the warp field harmonics right, or you'll end up goin' backwards!" As he's working on a warp drive with a wrench. For that, though, I also need FX, which only raises the bar. For years now I've had an idea for a dramedy series where the whole point is to do the Young Love plot without a lot of the more tired tropes like the love triangle. I thought that the leads might be hard to play and I wasn't sure which actors could, but right now I think Jenny Nicholson and David Blue would be perfect. The show is set in Chicago, and I'm thinking maybe even in the past, as far back as the mid-90s.
  15. Well, that's what I thought. What I meant to ask was if anyone wanted to start another channel for comedy skits, though I guess that would have to be separate and not officially affiliated? If I wanted to start a channel locally (as in where I live now or if I move) what would that take?