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    Little Rock, AR
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    I'm from a small town in New York. I moved to Florida, which let's face it is a transplanted New York, at the age of 5 where I lived until I enlisted in the Army upon my graduation from high school. I have one daughter and one Siberian Husky. I live with my mom, daughter and dog.
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    I sew, read, and write as well as make greeting cards.

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Legion M

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    Maybe, it depends
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    Any volunteering at conventions or productions would have to be in my local area. I would be glad to help test merchandise as well. I would love to write for a newsletter.
  1. Yeah... I think I'll keep what I've got.
  2. So, re-reading this... you're basically saying that people will lose jobs if there are no "middle men." How would each company's cryptos or blockchains interchange? What's the point of them if they can't interchange?
  3. That's on my list to watch next!
  4. Send an email to and someone (probably @Terri Lubaroff) will look into it for you!
  5. So... if some of this crap is selling for $80K USD, that's not very reasonable for poor people is it? And it's all online? What if wherever your stuff is stored gets hacked and you lose everything? Yeah, if I didn't have to have a debit card to pay my bills online (if they would all take PayPal I'd be happy) I would be a $$ in the mattress kind of gal. You also lost me at the VR bit...
  6. @William Masters Definitely keep us updated on your shooting schedule! Last time I had the opportunity to visit a set, I couldn't go because I had battle assembly! Were you at the Arkansas Cinema Society Jeff Nichols screenwriting Q&A?
  7. Not yet. I'm working on Blindspot!
  8. I didn't notice any either... but then again I've only seen it once and I don't pick movies apart the first time around, unless I'm writing a review for someone else.
  9. Congrats! Grad school is a big deal. And Yale's kind of a big deal too.
  10. That's kind of funny. I was watching a video about solar flares and there was a really big one back in the late 1800s that knocked out what electrical grid the world had back then. The scientist was saying the next big one would cripple society as we know it. Made me want to go back to mattress money... Congrats on the book.
  11. @Tyson Blair You're so right! This was the continuing of the Skywalker saga, yet with the untimely passing of Ms. Fisher, it had to become the passing of the reigns for the next generation. This trilogy is the first that my daughter has seen in the theatre, so she is one of the new generation of fans. She loves Star Wars and loved The Last Jedi as I think a lot more fans did than folks realize. I hope to get to see it again after Christmas.
  12. Sorry about no lasting impression.
  13. My spoiler free review @Jonathan McMahon You are so right about the surprises! My daughter and I looked at each other in shock or awe with each one! @Zandra Bill Feel free to read my review on my site. I swear, no spoilers. I mention Porgs (which have been everywhere) and Rose (who we knew about for various promos). What I do not mention are plot points and storylines. But we LOVED it! It held its own better than we'd hoped.
  14. It's not a kickstarter or indie go go. My pilot "The Brigid Chronicles" was selected for the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival in January. I need some help getting there! I know it's the holidays but if you all could donate or share if you can't, I would appreciate it! This is the first festival for the script and I would love to be there but it's Miami Beach. If we have some Legion Mer's that have a place there I can crash at from 11 - 16 January, I would appreciate that too!
  15. @Clinton Jones I agree with @Michelle P. Carter! It's a cute video! Good luck with getting your finding!