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    Little Rock, AR
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    I'm from a small town in New York. I moved to Florida, which let's face it is a transplanted New York, at the age of 5 where I lived until I enlisted in the Army upon my graduation from high school. I have one daughter and one Siberian Husky. I live with my mom, daughter and dog.
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    I sew, read, and write as well as make greeting cards.

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Legion M

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    Maybe, it depends
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    Any volunteering at conventions or productions would have to be in my local area. I would be glad to help test merchandise as well. I would love to write for a newsletter.
  1. Ha! They wouldn't get too far with my info... my credit sucks.
  2. We watched the Emmys last night and I must say, I am disappointed that Stranger Things didn't get an award.
  3. Uhm... I hope to be on that stage one day getting an Emmy for one of my shows... I had to DVR the Emmys so I don't know who got what other than John Lithgow got an award for his portrayal of Churchill in The Crown. (Which is spectacular, btw.)
  4. Welcome, Vic! You can post here about about Cons. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  5. Welcome! Scotland is on my bucket list of places to visit! (So is the rest of the UK! )
  6. Welcome! You should consider joining the Writing Club!
  7. Yeah... I unfortunately "may have been affected." Thank's for posting the link @Karen C
  8. Do'h! Soccer interferes again!
  9. @Michelle P. Carter Def up your alley!
  10. There are differences! Not everyone sounds alike. If they are from Dallas, Texas they don't sound like they are from say Little Rock or Pickles Gap, Arkansas. (The accents from both are different despite being less than 50 miles apart!) Some are worse to understand than others. Same goes for New York. Not everyone comes from the city, therefore I do not have a Brooklyn, Bronx, or Queens accent just because I'm from New York. (It happens... people ask all the time why I don't sound like I'm from New York. )
  11. Because of the spell casting, I think killing the FX would hurt the movie in the long run. This kind of movie would have been unheard of 15 - 20 years ago because of the level of FX needed and the technology wasn't there. As far as character development, I think we saw a lot from Strange considering how much of an arrogant ass he was in the beginning. Granted he has a long way to go to becoming the Sorcerer Supreme that he is in the comics and hopefully they will allow his character to get there.
  12. They are. It was announced shortly after the first season came out. The date on season 2 is 2017 but who knows what stage of production it is in. (Probably post.) Just keep an eye out on Netflix!
  13. Did you see the news from Variety? Patty Jenkins will be directing WW's second installment!
  14. Wish I could have joined you guys!
  15. This show is in my Netflix queue! I haven't watched it yet, but it looks my kind of show!