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    I'm from a small town in New York. I moved to Florida, which let's face it is a transplanted New York, at the age of 5 where I lived until I enlisted in the Army upon my graduation from high school. I have one daughter and one Siberian Husky. I live with my mom, daughter and dog.
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    I sew, read, and write as well as make greeting cards.

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    Maybe, it depends
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    Any volunteering at conventions or productions would have to be in my local area. I would be glad to help test merchandise as well. I would love to write for a newsletter.
  1. Contest is sponsored by AT&T Film Awards. Deadline to enter is 26 Nov 2017! @Shao Lopez, you may be able to enter for Daniel if his first episode is ready since the youth category is 13 - 18. @Pete Yagmin No entry fee... I know you have a ton of stuff up your sleeves... Anyone else? Keep in mind... NO ENTRY FEE! How often does that happen?
  2. Anyone watching? I'm catching up on episodes via Hulu! If you like sci-fi & comedy together then you'll like The Orville. It is an unapologetic homage to Star Trek. It is minus 90% of the technobabble of Star Trek which makes it great for folks that don't like sci-fi for that very reason! Oh and Seth MacFarlane... What more could you want? Thursday nights on Fox (they ordered season 2 y'all)!
  3. Great info, @Adam Cox. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks! Thanks! That was the second time I pitched Echo Lake with the same project. Different exec so... Thanks! That is good to hear!
  5. So, I've pitched via written pitch to an exec at Echo Lake Entertainment. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the company. The exec requested my script and show bible... sounds promising but ... I would love to know anything else beyond what is on IMDBpro.
  6. @William Masters Have you looked into Reel Arkansas on FB? I am a screenwriter. I haven't done much in the way of production other than my intro class at UALR several years ago.
  7. So, I had an idea for a prize... my company (Kitiara Blue Media) can offer a script revision as a prize for anyone that has a script they want cleaned up. The value of that is $600 for a feature, $400 for a one-hour show, and $200 for a half-hour show.
  8. I got that email too. Need to keep checking my inbox and spam.
  9. I'm still up for that! I had a concept for a costume in the shower last night. (Say what you want but showers are great idea generators! )
  10. @Adam Cox Thanks for sharing! I needed to update my will anyway... this is just further motivation.
  11. I've given this challenge to Kira.
  12. My daughter wore her Stan Lee shirt to church one Sunday and we stopped for breakfast at Panera Bread. I handed out a Legion M card there when the associate asked about it. He LOVED the shirt. We were in a few weeks later and I handed out another one because the first recipient had talked about Legion M with a co-worker. (He remembers me and Kira because of Legion M.) I try to wear one of my shirts out every time will be in public. So much so that they are usually all in the laundry at the same time! Out of all the Legion M shirts I have, the one that gets the most attention is the Stan Lee shirt.
  13. I think that may be a @Terri Lubaroff or @Jeff Annison question. I don't know that we've ever had a referral link. I just sent people to the Legion M website and let them go from there!
  14. This is not mine, but my daughter's! She's also an investor, but not on the forums. She created this in an hour for the Sewing Circle at church. Her first paid gig as a graphic designer. She sketched it by hand, scanned it, and uploaded it to Pixler (? It's a website that she can use for free that they use in her graphic design class.) for the colors. They just worked on other logos as a class project.
  15. I haven't seen it yet... I may have to go soon though.