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    I'm from a small town in New York. I moved to Florida, which let's face it is a transplanted New York, at the age of 5 where I lived until I enlisted in the Army upon my graduation from high school. I have one daughter and one Siberian Husky. I live with my mom, daughter and dog.
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    I sew, read, and write as well as make greeting cards.

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    Maybe, it depends
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    Any volunteering at conventions or productions would have to be in my local area. I would be glad to help test merchandise as well. I would love to write for a newsletter.
  1. @David Baxter @Terri Lubaroff
  2. I didn't know about the Taurus Awards... interesting. The Emmys does recognize stunt coordinators. Thanks for learning me something today @Karen C!
  3. Again, as Karen said, lack of time and resources to use LinkedIn to its full potential. It's easy to set up a profile, difficult to manage it if you don't have the time. (Like any social media account.)
  4. @Patrick Wiley is spearheading this initiative. @Terri Lubaroff is also a partner-in-crime--- I mean, uhh... no, partner-in-crime is it. Any more info? We were going to launch last summer but things got way too hectic, I think, with the smashing success of the Stan Lee events.
  5. How do you mean? They do have a listing.
  6. No ads on Netflix. Hulu ads only show to the folks who don't want to pay the higher price for no ads. I mute the sound during ads.
  7. Not a problem! It's just a great tool to have for editing and publishing.
  8. You may be asking yourself 'What's a stylesheet?' Well, every business has one, or should, if they do any manner of publications or advertising. It's a way to maintain uniformity for said business so there aren't 30 different versions of the same thing out there. And it looks more professional. Attached is the Legion M Stylesheet. It has links as to where you can get the fonts (for free) and the colors used. If you're not tech savvy and don't know what hex & RGB mean, that's okay! Color swatches are included. It does have a sampling of some of the official logos but they are also included in the gallery here. One request from the team though... if you do happen to craft a flyer, please email it to (Flyer Approval in the subject line, please!) so it can be approved before distribution. We want to make sure that it has all the necessary info on it! Legion M Style Sheet.pdf
  9. Nukazooka <-- These guys. The first three on this list are their Star Wars themed videos. Not sure if it's what you want... Darth Vader vs. Buzz Lightyear is the newest one though.
  10. How about about the fonts and stuff? @Ashley Love There are official flyers in the works! Please stay tuned. Legion M Style Sheet.pdf
  11. What about sponsoring a YouTuber like Nukazooka or a Podcast like "Fatman on Batman" or Chris Hardwick (I think Nerdist got renamed)? I'm not sure what the asking price is but finding things that reach our target audience would be preferable to a national TV spot, IMHO. To run a video ad on YouTube, the minimum cost per day is $10.00 (actually you chose your daily budget), you only pay when someone chooses to watch your TrueView video for at least 30 seconds or clicks an interactive link. So, if we did an ad for 30 days and everyone clicked on it, at $10/day that's $300. I couldn't find a breakdown of what it costs per view or click. I do, however, think @Adam Cox has the right idea. It may not be the right time for anything bigger than what we're doing with FB when rounds open. @John Biscardi is correct. I've never seen an ad for an entertainment company. Does that mean we can't run an ad in say Variety or Movie Maker? (Sorry, it's a question I can't answer.) @Terri Lubaroff What's your input on the current and future methods of advertising? @Rod White I know this may not be particularly helpful, but thanks for making me research YouTube ads!
  12. Are you on the FB page? If not that's okay! We have files there that you can use to construct your own flyers. That leads me to... maybe we should have a spot for them here. @Karen C is that possible?
  13. Holy cow! What a great film!! Anyone else?
  14. So, in light of today's announcement... would anyone want to help me organize an event? I've asked Riverdale 10 here in Little Rock if they'll be getting it. If you're unfamiliar with Riverdale 10, they serve adult beverages, and have a tendency to show indie films. They showed "Colossal" after I asked if they were going to get it. Let me know!
  15. The problem with TV spots is they're expensive. Not sure about radio spots. I'm sure that other folks can answer better than I can. @Damian Beurer