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    I grew up in the theater industry on the exhibitor side starting with my first job in high school and working my way up. I've worked for independent theaters and the chains. Now, I've transitioned over to sales, but my company sells products to theaters as well as retail. I've been actively involved in exhibitor trade shows especially the big Vegas CinemaCon hosted by the National Association of Theater Owners.

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    My first job in high school was working at the local independent movie theater. Ever since then, I've been hooked on the industry. I've worked for and sold to the exhibition side of the industry and I'm excited to learn more about the production side of the industry!
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  1. You might be surprised to learn that most manufacturers are moving towards targeted social media and online advertising buys instead of traditional TV and radio.
  2. Streator is a little more reasonable for us in the Chicago market. Keep me in the loop and I can reach out to the Chicago group.
  3. Mr. Wonderful or Cuban would be great!
  4. Bumping as PUBG just became the most played game (concurrent users) of all time. Pretty crazy. @John C and I both play, so PM me if you are looking to squad up.
  5. I know they are busy with the Stan Lee event, but I'm going to tag @Terri Lubaroff who is our Head of Content Development to weigh in...
  6. @Jack Higgins @MeriJewel I firmly believe that is the long term intent. Unfortunately, bringing a concept to market is extremely expensive. My understanding is that the short term goal is to make small investments in existing projects to make a little return but also to advertise and bring in more investors. The Stan Lee event is a HUGE marketing play. @Paul Scanlan and @Jeff Annison made a pretty successful company in MobiTV, so I trust they know when to flip the switch from marketing and fundraising to true content creation sourced from our membership. However, I have no doubt it will happen.
  7. Schererville is one of the nicer areas of NW Indiana. Night and day from Gary. But the theater list on shows that one theater in Indy is playing the movie.
  8. Yes! In Schererville! Wouldn't a showing in Indy be closer to you?
  9. OK, so I'm addicted to this game. It is so much fun and an awesome concept. Anyone else playing?
  10. I would assume you mean Indianapolis? Because I'm in NW Indiana and I usually consider myself Chicago. But LMK if you are talking other areas.
  11. @Jeff Annison What would you think about electing volunteer "Regional Directors"? These would be some sort of term position and we already have the regions divided up in the "Where are you from?" section of the forums. Any local meetup coordinators would work through their regional director and regionals would have direct access to @Damian Beurer and @Eric Lam to order SWAG and promote via web.
  12. @Earl Hayes some of your ideas had to do specifically with Chicago so I moved them to the Great Lakes regional board to discuss separate from the other thread about general "ways to improve meetups for all Legion cities".
  13. For hosts: Have a transparent and honest conversation with the the theater. They should want to work with you because you are filling seats and driving concessions sales. Lock down a flexible venue. Don't go with the obvious guy next door to the theater. They usually overcharge for the convenience of being next to the theater. Sometimes the next guy down the line is more flexible because he is trying to steal business from the main venue. If Legion M execs are going to be present, communicate the appropriate details. If you are having any issues closing a deal, sometimes a call from an official employee of the Legion can firm things up. Communicate a realistic number for SWAG. I saw about 100 people in the Legion pictures at NY/LA. We had 50 at Chicago. Other showing in other cities have had anywhere from 5-25 people. Be realistic! You can always give one bag to a couple if need be. For Legion M: Truly flesh out quantities at each location so that larger cities don't get snubbed. As suggested by @Karen C, Legion M will have ongoing demands outside of these special events. Have one person on staff who manages ongoing needs and one who manages special events so that you avoid split attention. As mentioned by @Jeff Annison, upgrade the system of claiming a meetup, submitting for SWAG, training the hosts, and managing the process/tickets/after-party.
  14. Please join @Jeff Annison and @Paul Scanlan as we make Chicago Colossal! Official invite here: Buy tickets here: