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  1. Indeed TFtL unfortunately keeps getting put on the back burner in favor of other projects. I'm of course totally sympathetic. TV shows and features films have to to take precedence over a book.
  2. I'll be writing a full review but the short version is the basic concept was redundant to the "cookies" storyline from White Christmas, and the story had mind numbingly bad science which for me was unforgivable in a series which until how has been rooted in hard science.
  3. In short I neither loved nor hated it. I felt Luke and Rey's storyline was the strongest and Fin, Poe and Rose's was the weakest. The core plot points and underlying story messages resonated with me but there were problems with pacing. If anyone wants to read my in depth analysis check out my blog post: On Failure and the Last Jedi
  4. Thanks!
  5. I just wanted to share with the Legion the latest development in my life. I just finished my first semester as a graduate student at Yale. I'm going for a masters in Archaeological studies. The best part is I'm specializing in the Roman Empire. Pretty apropos right? I'm looking to pursue a career "public archaeology" which is to say programs and creative media designed to educate the general public about the past. I'd especially love to make a docudrama series about the Mytho-History of Rome. I know Yale has connections with National Geographic so here's hoping I can get a shot at a pitch session. I'd love to land a project like that and then find a way to cut Legion M in.
  6. Yeah unfortunately I probably know even less about them but there's probably someone out in the Legion who's an expert.
  7. I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time, and this new social networking/blogging site "Steemit" finally pushed me to do it. It has a really interesting concept of rewarding everyone who contributes content to the site. Users who get a lot of upvotes for their content earn a cryptocurrency called Steem. This can then be exchanged for real money on the Cryptocurrency marketplace. My blog is just getting started but feel free to follow me. Some upcoming article ideas I have are: "The Peculiar Popularity of Steam Punk, The Walking Dead: 10 The Show Did Better, and The Walking Dead: 10 Things the Comic Did Better"
  8. Here's a though. Should we create an official Legion M Cryptocurrency? There are websites that will allow you to create their own new Cryptocurrency. Could make for a way to bring in extra revenue to the company. We could call them LegionM Denarii.
  9. Anyone else a Mr. Robot fan? If you are do you want to see a screen accurate Dark Army mask for sale? Right now the USA store doesn't sell these, only F-Society Masks. I for one would much rathe have a Dark Army mask, they look damn cool and would be great for an easy cosplay. I contacted the USA store and they sent a nice response and said they'd pass along my request for them to introduce these to their product line. I figure if they get enough fan interest they'll start making this mask. So if you want to see this in stores I just suggest sending one message each via this form: Politely requesting they make such a product available and asking to be notified if they do. Again keep it down to a single polite message. We want to show fan interest but not spam them or do anything that might make people annoyed.
  10. Will there be a complete ranking? I'm not too disappointed I didn't make the cut but I'd be curious to know how well my pitch did.
  11. Oh... well I guess I didn't make the cut in that case since they would have informed me separately.
  12. Have the top 40 been selected and notified yet? When will they be announced?
  13. Well those are the best M&Ms...
  14. There's also a sample not-for-competition pilot episode of this: It's under the old title "GI-Hoes" but it's the same series.
  15. Hey everyone. I've been dying to share this trailer for the hillarious web series my friend and colleague has been working on for most of his life. It's a stop action series called "Adult Toys" which features a cast of action figures that run an adult book store. Needless to say this is rather NSFW but it is incredibly funny. The amount of talent, hard work and professional craftsmanship that went into this series is nothing short of stunning. I hope one day there will be some opportunities for Legion M to get involved in this show. I think it will really appeal to the fandoms of shows like Robot Chicken and South Park. Again NSFW, lots of crude humor, cursing and some partial nudity.