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  1. This is great to know! Thanks for sharing, Adam.
  2. With 119 votes, this month's reading selection is "Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories" by Legion M member and author, Greg Roensch! Thank you to all who participated. Let's support a fellow member by reading it and giving him feedback on his work during the end of the month Shindig! Purchase link below, along with website for more background on the project. CONGRATS, GREG!! Happy reading everyone!! Purchase link: http://amzn.to/2gMg8YA Website for book description: http://www.breakfastwiththealien.com/
  3. Some initial ideas near the convention center that take groups if you guys want to start taking a peek. I'll keep adding to this list. Let me know if you have other suggestions. I'm just yelping. Breakfast/Brunch/Coffee options - il caffe, espressamente illy, Bars/ - Prank, Lunch - Arashi Sushi, El Compadre
  4. I totally picked mystery. Horror makes more sense. Doh! Changed it. As long as the book is not 21hr long on audible! Yeesh!
  5. So many great looking films!!!
  6. This sounds like a YES!
  7. Hi Guys! Great discussion here! As far as the Legion M meetup page, it's a work in progress. I think the guys do a great job of providing content in a pinch with the little staff they have. There will be bumps, but all-in-all I think we get great looking pages that provide value to some degree. There were some hiccups with communication, but the idea was great and I think we just want to improve on it for the next project! I can chime in a bit after our experience here in NYC. We were the first to organize Meetups for the Colossal opening weekend. We had 4 days in a row of meetups alternating between 2 different theaters here in town. We were flying blind with no reference on how to do it, but the best thing to do is just keep communicating with the theaters prior to the events. The location of food and drinks after is another story! Here are my ups and downs below. TABLES: The theater managers were very accommodating when it came to having a table set up for us - one being nicer than the other with a tablecloth provided as well. Had I known, I would've brought my own table cloth to stay consistent. But for the most part, just keep in touch with them and they are happy to help! SWAG BAGS: We did our best to have bags for everyone who attended across the 4 days. We were running out of goodies fast! We had enough for OUR pre-bought Legion M ticket holders, but we found that the theaters were sending over anybody who purchased Colossal tickets to our table that was not associated with Legion M. We were more than happy to introduce ourselves, tell them about Legion M and offer them a Colossal goodie bag, but it sure did make me nervous thinking we'd run out for our Legion M members by day 2 or 3. We had secured some donations for the goodie bag in advance from some local vendors (The Strand Bookstore and Forbidden Planet Comics). They added some cool stuff to the bags, including the bag itself. When we ran out of bags, we made a special trip to a party store to buy some regular paper gift bags to fill instead. I also found that it made better sense to hand out goodie bags after the screening to force folks back to our table to talk about what they thought of the movie and possibly give us a live review on camera. We could ensure a big group photo that way and we'd have the kaiju ready to go by then too. FACEBOOK: We didn't do this for each day, but I think it makes sense to create a Facebook event for each Meetup or screening so people can Check In, upload any pics, and give them some instruction on any hashtags to use. We did a couple of Facebook Lives for everyone who wasn't able to attend either NYC or LA for opening weekend. I think it helped get a sense of what we were trying to do and any experiences we had. We certainly should've done more, but things get so crazy that it doesn't even cross your mind unless you have a dedicated person to making sure social media is constantly updated throughout the events. Afterwards, I think it's important to set time aside to provide as many details as possible of how everything went, especially if you couldn't do it during. It keeps the entire online community engaged and excited for when things come around their area. For those that don't have the privilege of living in a location where the movie will show, they at least can feel part of something by seeing everyone's pics and comments. BEFORE OR AFTER PARTIES: This is not so easy to do in NYC when your headcount is not definitive. I'm not sure how the experience is everywhere else. And honestly, this is my biggest challenge even for regular monthly meetups, let alone Colossal screenings with Jeff and David in attendance! I just don't get people RSVPing in a timely manner, so I have a hard time securing a location for a specific group size. Space is limited in NYC and you want to secure locations ahead of time, but NY'ers are non-committers until the last minute! I think it would be great to create a Facebook Event for the parties as well. If you can, do so! But I could hardly ever define a specific location ahead of time for Colossal. I just kept a couple of options in my back pocket to use last minute depending on crowd size. The larger theaters didn't allow us to take up a space for a discussion before of after the screening without going through corporate group sales. On the largest day we ended up just having a very large impromptu mingling session in the lobby of the theater with roughly 85 people. We spent time talking to everyone about their thoughts on the movie, handing out cupcakes I had made, and by the end of it most people went their own separate ways and just a handful of us walked to a small restaurant nearby. It made logistics much easier for us if we just spent the time hanging out with everyone at the theater. WEEK AFTER: If you can, you should take the time to thank the theater manager again. Keep that relationship. We will be back!!
  8. Congrats, Damian!!!
  9. Loved the movie! I remember watching the movie in the 90s and I loved! The concept of wormholes was so cool to me! I just love space stuff! It also makes you think about whether we really are ready to run into what could be out there. I never saw the entire tv series, but came across Atlantis on Netflix recently and started watching it. So far it's ok. I still love the idea of us finally figuring out how to create and use wormholes for space travel. Hopefully I can watch the original tv series to completion soon
  10. What do you need from NYC?! I'm in!
  11. Helloooooo, Legion M! Guess what time it is?! Time to gather our lovely faces again! As suggested from one of our Meetup regulars, we're going to try out Max Brenner and see what a little chocolat will do to our creative juices! Mmmm Please RSVP so I'll have a better idea of the group size to expect. YOUR GUESTS: As always, please bring guests that are interested in learning more about Legion M. We will shower them with answers to any questions they might have! PRIZE: We will be giving away an official Stan Lee Hands of Respect pin to one lucky attendee this time around! FOOD & DRINK: Will be available for your purchase. Max Brenner has a full menu and amazing chocolate bar. Check out their site for more details: http://maxbrenner.com/ DON'T FORGET: Those of you who have the other 2 volumes of the Valerian comic that we received from David Baxter last meetup, bring them in so we can swap!! I NEED to know what happens next!! Can't wait to see everyone again! Onward and Upward!
  12. Hey guys! planning the next meet up soon! Most likely the weekend of Nov 4th. Just waiting to solidify the location.
  13. Rich, there are a few from the South FL area that I've connected with. I'm originally from Miami and fly down there a lot to see family. Join the facebook page for FL too if you haven't already. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LegionMFlorida/
  14. Just watched these in the last few weeks: the entire Jessica Jones series (again) all of Luke Cage started Westworld started The Wire again
  15. This is a good idea since it would be at little cost to the company while really getting more exposure for us. We would really need to be sure to have exact talking points first, of course. But I like this since we have so many around that participate in the cons.