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  1. Me too, Tyson! I didn't know 80% of the tradition until now. I think it was an excellent way to introduce the masses to the background of the holiday.
  2. OMG this movie is funny and sad at the same time. You feel for the guy after watching it. Tommy Wiseau just posted this reel of him playing The Joker. It's hilarious, but is he being serious? Probably.
  3. Yea agreed. Adults are the ones sobbing audibly, leaving the kids looking at them like WTF is going on? lol
  4. Loved this film! MMMM
  5. @Adam Cox let me know if you want to create a Fb group for your geo area. I just helped 3 new ones pop up recently. One was near Chicago as well, but directly opposite you in Madison, WI. Let's do it now so we can be ready for Bad Samaritan. Reach out to me via Fb IM to walk you through it.
  6. @Jeremy M that's great! we're getting flooded with applications. Good luck! We may be having a few things coming up in several East Coast cities. Stay tuned for today's big announcement on Fb!!
  7. [insert crying emoji here] That was a sad, but great one. Would you recommend this one to kids? I was on the fence about it. I guess it's a great way to teach them the importance of family and remembrance. It just seemed like such an emotionally deep film that I haven't been able to convince myself yet.
  8. I loved this film! The acting was great all around. But that ending! I just wished we stayed with them just a little longer.
  9. Hi @Jeremy M! Sorry this took me a while to respond to. I'm in NYC and have an occasional event here. There are a few members in the Philly area that started a Facebook page to plan stuff together: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1194409943990915/ Maybe do the same by creating a dedicated page for the Pittsburgh area? I can check the database to see how many members/investors are actually in your surrounding area to give you an idea. We're so small still that making it to every Con is impossible and financially irresponsible. Once we grow we'll be able to spread out and attend/plan more events around other parts of the country. Especially around our own project releases. - Terri P
  10. This is great to know! Thanks for sharing, Adam.
  11. With 119 votes, this month's reading selection is "Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories" by Legion M member and author, Greg Roensch! Thank you to all who participated. Let's support a fellow member by reading it and giving him feedback on his work during the end of the month Shindig! Purchase link below, along with website for more background on the project. CONGRATS, GREG!! Happy reading everyone!! Purchase link: http://amzn.to/2gMg8YA Website for book description: http://www.breakfastwiththealien.com/
  12. Some initial ideas near the convention center that take groups if you guys want to start taking a peek. I'll keep adding to this list. Let me know if you have other suggestions. I'm just yelping. Breakfast/Brunch/Coffee options - il caffe, espressamente illy, Bars/ - Prank, Lunch - Arashi Sushi, El Compadre
  13. I totally picked mystery. Horror makes more sense. Doh! Changed it. As long as the book is not 21hr long on audible! Yeesh!
  14. So many great looking films!!!
  15. This sounds like a YES!