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    "KARMA QUINN": "I'm known to be quite vexing—I'm just forewarning you..."

    Writing, to me, is like breathing—without it I would cease to exist... It is my passion, my joy, a cathartic release, and my creative dance with words that I openly share with the world around me... ♥♥♥♥

    "Words and ideas CAN change the world."
    ("Dead Poets Society")

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    Film, television, and writing are my passions!! I am currently working toward my MFA in Writing for Screen and Television at Pepperdine University!!
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  1. Unfortunately, yet again I can’t make the Shindig... I have class on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. However, @Greg Roensch, I just ordered your book from Barnes & Noble and am intrigued to read your stories... When I threw the “Book Club” idea out there I never imagined it would generate so much interest. I hoped. SOOO GLAD to see so many people excited about reading... 📚😁 Hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to join in on a discussion...
  2. LOVES IT!! Sounds fun, @MeriJewel!!
  3. Soooo... What happened to everyone?? 😳😳 People always like to have an opinion, however, when it comes to actual participation that is often a whole other story...
  4. I thought we were just going to revote on the book list we already chose... At least for September...
  5. I don't usually gravitate toward the horror genre in film or fiction, however, I'll go with it since it's for October. I'm all about the learning and growing and expanding my horizons... 👻👻
  6. @Damian Beurer... I say we vote again here on the forums with the people who plan to actually participate. That's my two cents!!
  7. @Christine Pointeau... I'm DEFINITELY in for season two!! Hopefully they are making one. I'm curious where the story will go. I feel it was more real than imagined. That is my initial interpretation. I think I mentioned this above, but I feel to really enjoy this show you have to feel deeply and emotionally. You have to be open. Your mind and heart. If you are a literal type of person, you may not vibe with it.
  8. Also... As a side note... I know people have busy lives and love the technological advancements that we enjoy in the world today, but the idea behind the "Book Club" when I threw the idea out there was for people to go "old school" and hold an ACTUAL BOOK in their hands and read it. Either buying an actual copy... Or... GASP... Checking a copy out from the library!! I hope all involved in the club will join in this archaic, yet COMPLETELY AWESOMESAUCE, concept!! BOOKS ARE DOPE, PEEPS—AND SO ARE BOOKSTORES AND LIBRARIES!! Don't you just love the smell of the pages?? Just the way that movies should be seen on a BIG screen and NOT your phone or computer—books should be HELD in your hand and breathed in, NOT read on a screen!! Reading an actual book that you hold in your hands... There is something SOOOO SPECIAL about that. They are some of my BEST childhood (and adulthood) memories... Okay... Stepping down from my "soapbox" now... 💖📚📚💖
  9. @Damian Beurer... Are we re-voting here on the forum which book to read with people voting who will ACTUALLY BE READING this round??
  10. Hey @Damian Beurer... How many pages is it?? I've never read Dune, so I'm semi-intrigued, however, going forward I don't feel people should be able to vote unless they are going to ACTUALLY READ the book chosen. Everyone can suggest books to be in the poll though. I'm not quite sure how to enforce that, but perhaps at some point we can have a "Book Club Log-In" on the website for people who actually want to participate. Just doesn't seem fair that people vote on what others should read and then NOT participate. IMHO. I like the genre months. Don't forget "Classics." Perhaps we can even design/create some "LEGION M BOOK CLUB SWAG" to go along with the Club like bookmarks, pins, T-shirts/sweatshirts, etc. I'm a sucker for a bookmark—been collecting them since I was a kid!! @Terri Lubaroff
  11. Thanks, @Terri Lubaroff!! Yeah, I thought Matan's format would work well. I'm open for book suggestions. One I would put on there is The Alchemist. I've always wanted to read it and never got around to it. Feel free to make some suggestions!! I'll try to think of a few more. We should have at least FIVE, no more than TEN to choose from, in my opinion. Hey, @Damian Beurer!! Here's the thread. Not sure where to locate the link for this discussion...
  12. I immediately think of the "Jurassic Park" film logo. Is that what you were going for?? Also I agree with @Karen C and perhaps move the word "Legion" above the "M," or even put it on the same line...
  13. Definitely start with the original series!! 🎶🕶🍒🍩☕️🦉🌲🌲🦉☕️🍩🍒🕶🎶
  14. Yeah... I'd go with traumatizing on the first one as well. Horrified too. Appalled, perhaps. I didn't realize it was an anthology series either. I just kept hearing a lot about it and was curious. Maybe I'll go back and cherry pick. Agreed about the second episode. It was a bit boring. I had trouble with that one and after the first episode that's probably why I lost interest so quickly.
  15. I've only watched the first episode of Black Mirror... That episode alone was, well... Disturbing, yet thought provoking... I started watching the second eppy but never finished. I think I might have been traumatized by the first episode... Maybe I'll go back... What did you think of that first episode, @Michelle P. Carter??