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    Looking forward to the day Legion M starts hiring... Would love an opportunity.

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  1. Today USPS delivered my Legion M Christmas ornament. Immediately hung out on the tree. It's pretty heavy and looks great. Hopefully, the first in the series..
  2. Grumpy Old Men is a necessity every year...
  3. Personally I didn't enjoy it. Went a second time to see if it was me having seen it late at night or the film. I walked out after 45 minutes.
  4. Here a trailer from Vimeo...
  5. Thanks for the feedback...
  6. Hey all, I've been working on some ideas for Legion M gear. Mostly shirts... Here's one I'm thinking of printing on transfer iron on paper. Would love to hear your thoughts. Onward and Upward...
  7. Not official, but works and looks good....
  8. I wear a knitted cap every night. Pass out almost as soon as I put it on. (However, I am follically impaired. So...)
  9. For those of us who can't afford going to the house party, I was wondering about the opportunity to raffle off air fair and tickets with all net proceeds going to Stans favorite charity. Not sure of the legal stuff, I'll leave that to folks smarter than I, but would this be possible? Maybe a sponsor could help. A local hotel could provide a room for the night.
  10. How about some Koozies? 1000 runs approximately $400.
  11. Got my tracking number... Out for delivery tomorrow! Thanks Eric..
  12. When can we expect the first shipment to go out?
  13. Twitter says, "swag bags for everybody" and has the date of the 14th. It's starts here in Austin with two shows on Thursday the 13th. Should I get tickets for Friday or Thursday? So confused....
  14. What are the chances of getting Legion M buttons and "Colossal" mini posters in a Lootcrate box for April or May?