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    The idea of having a share in a Hollywood entertainment company and having a say in what happens really excites me.
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    I enjoy reading and I have a good command of the English language, I have written lots of reports.

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  1. @Kyle Langenbach I thought that this film was a serious misfire, I wanted to like it but it just left me cold. The characters were annoying and I didn't care for any of them. I have enjoyed most of McDonagh's other work and was so disappointed with this. Maybe if I give it another viewing I might warm to it but I very much doubt it. 😕
  2. Yes I did like the ending it made me smile. I don't know if you have the same problem in the U.S. but here in the UK there is no investigative journalism. All the journalists are lazy and wait to be handed a readymade story from a 3rd party, it's really sad.
  3. I saw The Post today and it's just ok, it's an interesting story which is done very well but it isn't spectacular with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep giving their usual excellent performances. But it ain't award worthy.
  4. It's getting close to Oscars nomination day and was wondering what everyone thinks about this year's batch of favourites. I just saw 3 Billboards and was very disappointed I've seen better stories on TV and other than Frances McDormand who does her best with a lacklustre script the rest of the cast don't deserve any praise. I've also seen The Greatest Showman which I found entertaining but not brilliant. The best film I've seen in the past year is Paddington 2 which is just beautiful in every way.
  5. I think it might be because I'm old but I really don't understand this stuff as to how you can make up something and monetize it? Since it only exists in the ether I don't see how it works. I did say that I'm old.
  6. That's too bad about the captioning @Adam Cox but I hope that you get a chance to get to see it again soon. I thought it was entertaining but I have some reservations. That's just my opinion and apparently I'm wrong according to my sons. 😀
  7. @Nikki Ackerman I saw it yesterday and I'm still not sure what I think of it but my lasting impression is that it hasn't left me with any lasting impressions. @Jonathan McMahon which duo do you speak of? As I have many reservations about some of the subplots but I do think that Mark Hamill is the saviour of the whole film.
  8. What are the thoughts of the Legion on the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise; good, bad or indifferent? Of course no spoilers unless you use the hide spoilers facility please. Discuss....
  9. @Paul Scanlan @Jeff Annison or @Damian Beurer may be able to answer these questions.
  10. Not very many and Paris is still a 2 hour flight from here so we might have to stay at the park. I can give recommendations as I've stayed in 6 of the hotels.
  11. @Eric Lam is the guy to answer this one.
  12. Could we just have it at the one in Paris so I can go and everyone else gets to see Paris, which I see as a win win situation for everyone. 😀
  13. I'm definitely sitting on the fence with this series, I do enjoy it but I am finding some the characters a bit annoying and not very likable. Also it still isn't trekky enough for me. I guess this is on purpose to help get people talking about it every week.
  14. Welcome to Legion M and to the forums Melissa hopefully you will get a great deal of fun and help from the Legion M community.
  15. See the above on how to facilitate the selling of shares. There are many rules which Legion M has to follow.