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  1. Work it, Greg!!
  2. Great ideas, Adam! That's awesome, Nikki! I'll reach out!
  3. Awesome, @Nikki Ackerman. I reached out to David and Terri to see if they have any insight. Congrats and good luck!!!
  4. Those are really fun, @Dean Hawkey! Did you create those characters yourself? I love it!
  5. Thank you to everyone who submitted for Legion M's Pitch Elevator casting call. We had almost 150 entries competing for 5 spots! We'll be processing everything this week and will get back to everybody ASAP. Good Luck!!!
  6. How about a Simon Cowel impersonator?
  7. lol--slightly creepy John, but a good start.
  8. We don't have any sort of referral system set up yet, @Joe Leigh Bacon. Best step is to send people to the Legion M website, and have them sign up as a free member so they can join the members only FB, forums, etc, and get alerted once the next round opens.
  9. Would love to get some Legion M talent involved. If anybody is interested, please feel free to submit some sample art and/or links to work....
  10. That said, I think it would be even cooler if we could come up with a cool image to go on the shirt along with the text and legion M logo. We can use a professional designer to come up with the final design, but I wanted to throw it out to the group to see what ideas people had for the design. Below are some starter ideas from me--please pile on! We won't be able to use any explicit trademarked characters (i.e. inspector gadget or Luke Skywalker), but we might be able to find a way to allude to them without infringing on an any IP.
  11. As a member/investor of Legion M, you are officially a Legion M talent scout. We thought it might be fun to develop some t-shirts that we could sell in the store to promote that fact. One idea would be to have a shirt that says "Talent Scout" on it, along with the Legion M logo. Here are some examples of a other shirt's like that (apparently this isn't an original idea) :).
  12. lol--good question, Adam. Whatever it is, it doesn't always work...
  13. Totally understand what you are saying @Bridget Richardson, and I know who you are talking about with the multiple entries. I can tell you that the way the system is set up, there's no real advantage to having multiple pitches. The scoring used to select the semifinalists considers both star ratings AND the head to head votes. We made the Star rankings optional, maybe next time we'll make that a requirement. There will always be cases when two pitches you really like (or two you hate) go head to head, and it makes it hard to pick a winner. However since the matchups are random and we have so many votes, the data we're using to make decisions is solid. The NEXT round--the one the show will be built around--will be interesting to see. The voting is different (you'll watch 8 pitches and choose which 2 get to move on). There will also be a lot more data--i.e. the evaluations from the celebrity judges and opinions of other players. I'm really interested to see how it works out, but am ultimately pretty confident that we'll end up with 10 great pitches for the finale.
  14. Paul told me that he's hoping to get the info from Wefunder today...
  15. In true agile fashion, we shot our very first prototype episode of Pitch Elevator yesterday evening. The role of host was played by Terri Lubaroff. The role of celebrity judge was played by David Baxter. @Damian Beurer directed, while @Matan Goldstein and Stephanie acted as crew. The shoot went well. We already have some good learnings and notes. Damian is producing a rough cut of episode 0.1 so we can evaluate timing, pacing, etc. It's nice to see this baby sputtering to life. By the time our real Hosts/Guests arrive, we hope to have all the bugs worked out, (and be ready for a whole new set!) The only downside is that our production executives now consider themselves "talent", and are demanding riders on their contracts--David needs his own trailer, and apparently Terri only eats red M&Ms. #HollywoodProblems