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  1. Yes--please send mail to I'll forward your name to Paul, who I know is working hard to close everything out. Wefunder has had some issues, but we're trying to wrap it all up.
  2. Thanks for posting this, @Dean Hawkey. I know just enough about blockchain to recognize it's potential to disrupt. I'm very interested to learn more, and consider the many different ways that it could potentially be utilized for the benefit of the Legion.
  3. Just ordered one today. Won't have it in time for Christmas, but wanted to make sure I got one. It's a piece of history!
  4. I've seen it twice (once at opening night at the Chinese), and overall enjoyed it. It started strong and ended strong, although in the middle I felt it got a little lost. It has 3 incredible moments that were AWESOME to behold, and a lot of surprises. Overall was a solid addition to the series, IMHO. And I even love the Porg.
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. I'm interested to learn more about blockchain. I'm pretty bearish about the space right now because it's SO speculative and ripe for exploitation. That said, I also believe blockchain is here to stay, and all the bumps will get ironed out over time. I know you can do SEC regulated ICOs. I don't know enough about the how it all works to say whether an ICO would ever make sense for Legion M, but I'm eager to learn more. It's important enough that we need to understand it, even if we don't decide to use it. I like the idea of calling them Denarii.
  7. You have to be careful with this one, though. I watched it with my kids when they were TOO YOUNG. It would be a fine FAMILY Christmas movie if not for the scene where (I hid this so as not to spoil it in case somebody hasn't seen it)
  8. Very fun! You need to add the link to the kickstarter!!
  9. Our big three are: Christmas Story Elf National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation We really, really would like to add a Legion M nerd holiday spectacular to the mix someday! We haven't found it yet, but we're looking, and have had some conversations with really cool creators about creating one...
  10. @Patrick Wiley--anyone that submitted should have received an e-mail. We've contacted the 33 semi-finalists, and send e-mails to the alternates, and everybody else that submitted a pitch. Might want to check your promotions or spam filter. It was only the top 8% that advanced, so don't feel too bad if you didn't make it. We're hoping to launch another season next year--so hopefully you'll get another shot!
  11. Work it, Greg!!
  12. Great ideas, Adam! That's awesome, Nikki! I'll reach out!
  13. Awesome, @Nikki Ackerman. I reached out to David and Terri to see if they have any insight. Congrats and good luck!!!
  14. Those are really fun, @Dean Hawkey! Did you create those characters yourself? I love it!
  15. Thank you to everyone who submitted for Legion M's Pitch Elevator casting call. We had almost 150 entries competing for 5 spots! We'll be processing everything this week and will get back to everybody ASAP. Good Luck!!!