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  1. On topic - I had no idea they were canceling this show! One of the things I appreciate about this show is the simplicity - it's essentially a single room show which should (in my limited experience) cut down on the production cost. Legion M saving this show is definitely a cause I could get behind!
  2. No kidding! Even original programming they come up with. I loved the goofy game shows they used to come up with!
  3. Job Type: Production Assistant (Short Film) Location: Acton, MA How Long: 8 hours (max) Detailed Description: I'm looking for a Production Assistant for a one day short film shoot in Acton, MA on September 10th. There's an opportunity to be a featured extra in the film as well. No heavy lifting or experience required - just a positive attitude and willingness to help where needed. Preference given to those who can shoot BTS (behind the scenes) photos as part of duties. Pay Terms: Breakfast and lunch provided, you will receive IMDB credit and a stipend for gas. How to apply and/or get more information: Please either contact me here through the forum or email pete[at]evilstew[dot]com
  4. I wear it on my elbow!
  5. @Eric Lam should be able to help you out with all your merch questions! :-)
  6. I can vouch; I've had a Nagalene bottle for years and years. Great product!
  7. @Karen C
  8. I recently started a photography class to help me better understand my camera and hopefully make me a better cinematographer/filmmaker. Here's a couple of shots from my week 4 assignment.
  9. I weighed in on FB actually. If we're talking about actual posters, like full-on actual movie posters, then yes 24 x 36. If we're talking about collectible prints, then 18 x 24 is great. A poster is a totally different material and quality than a print. I collect both, and differentiate between the two. Fantastic 4 one sheet (Unreleased Roger Corman version, TYVM) = poster Phil Tippet concept art = collectible print.
  10. I think @Eric Lam may still have some founding investor shirts. I've actually been meaning to email the team to talk about what we can do to improve the online store; I have over a decade in ecommerce/multi-channel/direct marketing experience.
  11. If you're shooting on you're iPhone (and recording audio directly to that) you can pick up just about anything for $20 or less. No need to go crazy! If you can find someone to help you do audio, they might even have their own equipment.
  12. I wish I could give you more specific advice, but now that I've gotten into it I understand why it's difficult for other people to give specific advice. There's a lot you're going to learn along the way and there's so many variables. I think if I was to add anything else, I would say keep it simple and work with what you've got!
  13. If you're working on a Mac, iMovie should suffice for your editing needs. Use an external mic OR record your audio separately. Good audio is more important than good image. Shorter is better - keep it to 5 mins and keep it in a single location.
  14. Something silly I whipped up last week...
  15. Oh. Ya know what.. I do have an un-produced script! It's a Lovecraft inspired cosmic horror.