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  1. Is there a secondary market set-up? If not, how do you intend to facilitate the transaction?
  2. So happy that this show is back on, but my wife made a comment last night that I tend to agree with; she said "I wish they would go back to just regular people and not YouTube personalities or people from other reality shows." Not to toot my own horn here, but I think her and I would make for an interesting team to watch. #TeamWeirdo
  3. I honestly can't even remember if I submitted a pic - maybe of my tattoo?
  4. I appreciate you thinking of me, but the only stuff I've shot on a mobile phone is some weird, 30 second experimental films. Otherwise, I use a Blackmagic. -p
  5. I did two pitches - but they were both unique and I actually pitched the ideas. You're not alone and IMO, I don't think I ever saw one paired against something less preferable!
  6. Well, you guys have fun. I'll be @ Disney World.
  7. This is pretty fantastic!
  8. It's not automatic and I think it's done in batches; @Karen C can confirm.
  9. Well, you know me (or not) - but I took the idea of the monkey and went weird. My first thought was to do something similar to a ventriloquist, but with my taxidermy Piranha "Mitch". The other thought I had (for "the monkey") was a demon who might be willing to make a deal for your soul in order to get your idea produced. The real difference between the 2 is one animated and the other is not.
  10. Soooo... sorry if this has been asked before but, what's going on with the pitches from Round 1? Is anything rolling over?
  11. You might be right... I can't remember though. Was it something specific?
  12. $40 is the early bird cost for a short? Holy hell! How about a discount code for Legion M members?
  13. Ha-ha. I thought I was the comedy relief around here!
  14. Are you sure? I didn't see it in my email!