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    Stockton, CA
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    Born and raised in CA. Been trying to find my way into running my very own legitimate creative project for over a decade. Ive written a book for National Lampoon, build a dozen different websites, was executive producer, writer and director on my pilot "Starship Spaceship", currently developing a board game and writing/drawing a comic.
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    writing, drawing, reading, learning, TV, film

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    Writing, story development, videography, video editing
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    Bachelors in Electronic Media: Long Beach State
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    National Lampoon, FOX
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    The idea of a creative company that would REALLY work on projects fans wanted. Not fake cash grabs, sacrificing integrity & story for merchandising, and seeing up and coming talent get a shot in the big leagues. I think if its sincere on its promise it could be very successful.
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    Maybe, it depends
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE1AYKiX-Uk&t=20s Hey guys, This is a rough pilot animation I put together with bare bones $$$, but I think the guts of what ive always wanted to make comes through. I used amateur actors, and its a pre-production quality... Id really like your thoughts and opinions. Anything from story, to possibility of development. Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you guys
  2. If you are interested in purchasing my shares, please email me at jackmhiggins@gmail.com and we can discuss. Id like to sell all 153 of my shares, so no split up amounts please. Thanks
  3. Id love to think that is the case but its been said quite a few times now "We cant have too many cooks in the kitchen." I have no doubt they can build a successful business that would be positive for their investors. That was not my only goal with Legion M investment though. I am a creator.. Ive written comics, tv shows, movies, books.. produced an animated pilot, recorded podcasts, built websites etc etc. Having investors and other creatives in a huge melting pot of creation and production was my vision. I submitted a few things to the legion M submissions as soon as they were accepting, but this process of growth and only taking part in pre existing, non-legion approved projects was a bit of a letdown. At the very least I thought investors would be privy to many projects and then the company would go with what the majority wanted to. I understand that would be difficult, and I understand not everyone knows how to run a successful business, but that would have been the epic challenge. This isnt a company run by the fans as I was expecting, we're just built in fans to anything the execs put out. If youre saying I need to be more patient, well then I wouldnt mind hearing more about my thoughts from the head honchos.
  4. Those achievements are no small feats, and im sure many people enjoy what is happening. I originally got on board with the idea that concepts, shows, games, movies or creative projects would be more dictated by the legion or hopefully even come from within the legion. Not just a couple execs and then we all support whatever is produced. I love making money, dont get me wrong and the whole community is very nice. This just isnt what I was investing in. Thank you for the update though, kind of you.
  5. Legion M isnt what I thought it would be and would like to sell my shares.
  6. I havent had much time to keep up, so I dont know where everything is but Id like to sell my shares from round 1 investing. Any help on how I'd do this?
  7. FAN-DOOM comes about when the fans or the community become toxic, online and in discussions. Much like for the Star Wars Prequel films. BUT, with the excellent extended universe material from the prequel age it filled in many gaps with great writing and execution... i.e. clone wars tv show, comics, books. I was never a massive fan of the prequels, but ive always been a massive fan of Star Wars. For many older generations the prequels were fan doom. I think I hit a sweet post in nerdiness and age... I knew of outlets for more story and was only 15 when the first prequel came out.
  8. Hot damn, been an interesting experience going through the birth of Legion M. Im pretty damn excited to see where this beast goes.