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  1. Greetings all. Please enjoy my new story, published today by DefiantScribe. Here’s what the editors say about it: “… an almost criminally charming story about the hope of a better romance, a better tomorrow, and the simple pleasures of connecting with another person. In an age dominated by cell phones, social media, and various methods of online communication, 'Romance, Shromance' feels like a throwback in the best of ways, reminding us that taking a moment to chat with a stranger can be fulfilling in its own right, and the nostalgia of this simplicity makes the piece all the more enjoyable.”
  2. Thanks again to Legion M for naming Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories as the book of the month. I had a great time at the Shindig and appreciate everyone who stopped by. Special thanks to @Damian Beurer, @Terri Lubaroff, and @Terri Pinon for spearheading the discussion. I look forward to checking out upcoming book-of-the-month club selections. As promised, I posted the follow-up to Breakfast with the Alien on my blog ... with the following note: – Dedicated with sincere gratitude to Legion M. Over and out.
  3. Gift basket with awesome Legion M stuff ... including a signed copy of the November book-of-the-month ... Breakfast with the Alien. Well, when you're an indie author, you need to be thinking of this kind of stuff.
  4. Thank you for the support @Karma Christine Salvato ... I hope you enjoy my stories!!!
  5. Reminder for anyone in the San Francisco area, I'll be reading from Breakfast with the Alien on Nov 10 (this Friday) from 7 to 8 PM. Where: Borderlands Bookstore, 866 Valencia Street, San Francisco. It's FREE, though you can purchase my book at the event if you need it for the book club. Thanks.
  6. Thanks again, @Terri Pinon. And thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who reads my book. I look forward to hearing your feedback.
  7. Thank you @Terri Lubaroff ... I appreciate it!!!
  8. Love this idea (and always open to reading big-time, already-famous books), but wondering if there's an opportunity to read the works of Legion M investors who may or may not not have achieved such lofty heights. Here's my humble book of short, short stories that I published earlier this year ... So, yes, tooting my own horn (it would be wonderful to get support/feedback from the Legion), but also wondering if there are others in the Legion whose books might be included. down the road.
  9. Sharing another creation ... a video from an album I made (my first) with a bunch of talented people at a recording studio called Tiny Telephone. The album is called Spiral Notebook Project. The tune is "A Moment in Time."
  10. Hi Patrick. Here's an article that goes into comparisons between IngramSpark and CreateSpace. It includes info about royalties and other things.
  11. Just stumbled upon this thread ... what a great idea! I'm definitely interested in submitting a story. Thanks to the coordinators, prospective reviewers and editors, and everyone else involved. FYI: I just self-published a book of short, short stories via IngramSpark (paperback and epub versions). I can offer my two cents about that experience if anyone's interested. Summary of Pros/Cons: Pros: - Book is published and available on Amazon and other places online. It's also available to order print-on-demand paperback version through bookstores. - It was a great learning experience to go through the process of publishing the book. - I can now generate a small amount of income from the sales. Very small! Cons: - IngramSpark takes a large percentage of the earnings for each book -- this is their "cut" for making the book available to the world. - It's a significant amount of work to prepare a book for publication -- I knew this going in, but I think it's important to keep in mind. The good news with the Legion is that there's a Legion ... and not just one person doing the work. - Also, don't underestimate the amount of effort it takes to market the book. If you want to see how my book turned out, you can check it out here: Okay, I look forward to writing a new story for this Legion M compilation. Thanks again, Greg.
  12. I'd like to submit something for this when the time comes ... Thanks.
  13. Greetings Legion. I'm excited to share my recent self-published book of short, short stories. It's available in paperback and epub versions on Amazon and elsewhere. You can also learn more about the book on my website: Thanks, Greg