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  1. @Dean Hawkey Why, oh why, did you decide to open the massive can of worms that is explaining the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. (Joking aside, I agree with your assessment and feel that you're on the right track with $LGM.) You're absolutely right, it's a difficult set of subjects to wrap your head around. I do want to point out something that you alluded to but might not be apparent to those who are clueless about this stuff (and to many who think they have it figured out): Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, while related, are not the same thing. It's important to understand that the technology we're talking about here is really the blockchain ledger itself. That's what enables the cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, etc... It's also important to distinguish the meaning of ALT coins. The original cryptocurrency to which all ALT coin values are based upon is Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created to facilitate a decentralized currency that is free from any government or single organization's influence; a means to hold a valuable asset that can be verifiably traded by anybody on the planet. ALT coins are simply other cryptocurrencies that other people/organizations have created to facilitate their specific purpose. Here's a quick video that helps explain the blockchain better than I ever could.
  2. Hi Gwen, Have you followed the instructions posted here? Let me know if you have any issues with those instructions and we'll get it sorted.
  3. First round's on me
  4. I came up with the same answer; there are a lot of "not sure", "if's", and "whens" when it comes to this issue. That's why I decided to pose the question here to get a definitive "this is the long-term plan at this moment in time."
  5. Hey team! Has there been any discussion of being traded on the stock exchange in the far future or is the goal to stay private at this point? Thanks!
  6. I propose that Legion M should start obtaining rights for several short (10-15 second) clips of pre-release footage (good for building up hype or bloopers) for all productions we're involved in. These clips would then be used as mini-trailers / micro-laughs to be played at the end of any/all of our marketing videos posted to our YouTube (or other official footage outlet). Any unused footage we obtain could be posted in the Investor's Only section as a perk. Once we have some solid franchises, this could be something the Legion becomes known for, causing flocks of fans and the curious to watch all of our videos in hopes of finding that little morsel of what's coming next or a hilarious behind the scenes outtake. Picture, if you will: You've just finished watching a video announcing our next round of investments, when suddenly a mini-trailer starts for the Field Guide To Evil: FADE IN: EXT. WOODLINE OF SPOOKY FORREST - NIGHT A small something is heard quickly scurrying through the brush and leaves from left to right. A much larger something is heard stomping the smaller thing, crunching it as it cries out in pain. QUICK CUT: MOVIE TITLE/LOGO, RATING, RELEASE DATE (if known) Just a thought.
  7. mmmMMmmm. Moar Flash Please.
  8. I'm totally into Arrow/Flash, but I'm about a season behind on both. Not so much into Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow - but I'll watch when they do crossover stories. After Smallville, Supergirl just seems "forced"; although I only watched the pilot and first episode. I haven't had a chance to check out Legends of Tomorrow, but I've added it to my watch list so we'll see how that goes.
  9. Prediction: Winter finally reaches the 7 kingdoms and some are forced to work together against the white walkers and whatever else might invade the lands. Note: I've yet to read any of the books, but dammit I just might start after this season.
  10. I feel certain that the majority will be able to have it done themselves, but there will be a few with no options around them. Absolutely in love with the custom patches idea!
  11. Love the concept! I was jonesing for some photoshoppery so I threw these together. Enjoy!
  12. I dig it. We have another discussion going about the user info that displays next to each post. We were discussing different "achievement" icons that could differentiate investors and such. With this in mind, we might just wait for the final pin designs so we can use them across the board
  13. Done.
  14. I'm with you @Nikki Ackerman , this is such a great show and the story telling is awesome! Can't wait for the next season