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  1. Surely! Glad to help. Time and location matter. What time period and what part of Scotland? It's very different in the long past as opposed to now and a Highlander sounds nothing like a lowlander near the borders, a Glaswegian or someone even from Edinburgh. Just let me know what you'd like to accomplish and I can point to examples or talk with you.
  2. Just saw replies. So sorry for not responding. I had no notification! Technologically challenged. It helps to have a multi lingual home environment too. Not in as much demand these days as you'd think with all of the automated apps out there for translation. Babylon is one of them. Comes in handy though, when helping our friends who are writing, listening to movies (and it's great I don't have to see the subtitles); many great foreign films out there. If you haven't seen Arn the Knight Templar, you're really missing out on something, for one. There area also subdialects. I've helps actors get their Southern dialect on for specific states/regions in the Southern US and within the target era/timeframe. There IS a difference in some regions of the South. But careful...I may make you listen to Jeff Foxworthy videos or Larry the Cable guy!
  3. Yes, interested. Still trying to figure this group/subgroup thing out and how it works.
  4. The 'All Souls Trilogy' of alchemy, witches, demons and vapires (what else?), time travel and history! "A Discovery of Witches", "Shadow of Night", and "the Book of Life". Really good reads. Actually would make a good film! And.....I spoke too soon. Just found out an announcement was made yesterday regarding the books being picked up for a TV series in the UK on SKY1. It's been cast and will be filming in the UK shortly. Still, a very good read and when the series finally makes it to the US, all the better!
  5. Freelance dialect coaching and languages coaching for the stage and film. Since 1989, have been both a vendor and acted with casts in various Renaissance festivals. English or Scots accented. Can teach. Am regionally Southern USA and can coach in British, Scottish and southern dialects. Just tell me location and time period of setting and we'll go from there! Foreign language? No problem. Gaelic speaker (Scottish), French, some Swedish, German and Spanish. US Government trained on those (Except Gaelic). Can help you develop that ear! I do work a full time regular job, but can schedule in-person or Skype/WhatsApp sessions.
  6. Is there anyone from Georgia? Especially the Atlanta area? We have a LOT of filming in the area and several new studios up and running. Live theatre, too!
  7. I own Raven's Nest Herbals, LLC, an herb, spice, tea, incense, scented this and that gifts, and essential or body oils. Mostly, you'll see my shoppe at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, Alabama Renaissance Festival and Hoggetowne Medieval Faire - complete with costume and often Scottish accent (or I'll simply start speaking in Scottish Gaelic or any of the other 7 languages I speak, depending on the faire!) www.ravensnestherbals.com in business since 1986. Oh, and we custom blend scents for LARP customers. Been known to make "cat spray", "wet dog", "carrot cake with butter cream frosting", "brownies", "bourbon whisky" OR we will make festival character scents, such as "dungeon mistress", "Ik the Troll", "Queen Anne", "King Edward VI", "Robin Hood", "Stranger in a Pub", "Twyst in the Wind (for the village hangman)", etc. Can make something unique for you, too! The languages? That's why I also help with dialect coaching for performers who need that little extra! Southern US accent too.