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  1. We are definitely planning a meetup in the evening -- details to come soon! @Damian Beurer and @DavidBaxter are working on it! I am in town now until after the con, I move hotels to the JW Marriot on the 26th, so when you guys figure out what night you want to meet, let me know. Looking forward to it!
  2. Here is one of the panels I'll be on. Hope to see you all there! Stop and say HI!
  3. Here are a couple of this I have been involved in 1: Nobility A pilot/ spec we did for under 70k. I was consulting on it. It is not perfect (It is a Pilot/Proof of concept) but fun with some great actors and crew. It is split into 3 parts but should be seen as a whole. They are trying to adjust that now. 2: Unsaid a powerful short I EP and acted in about Loss of a loved one and the emotions and struggles we go through. 3: Junkie I was an Ep and is in the finishing stages and 5th Passenger also in the finishing stages again with well known and wonderful actors and crew 4: My latest work is a book I just released called Solar Reboot a Dystopian Action/Adventure
  4. Hey guys! My book hit Amazon and I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. @Ugly68 be warned, my sense of humor is twisted aka NOT PC and I post a lot of inconsequential minutia
  6. In your pitch I would remove "The Monkey" it is a bit absurd. Replace with a movie critic , blogger, columnist someone that is not in the film industry but is a movie fanatic. Also remove the Trump. I would in turn add a changing (Known) Director, Dp, Producer. Just my 2C I'd also consider doing a BTS documentary style of the winners when/if they make the project, follow the drama of making the project come to life. Maybe for a by or yearly "special" You may also consider teaming the winner up with someone from the Indie film community. An Indie award winning Director, DP, Screen writer, Actor etc. to add more of a challenge and excitement to the show. None of these are in depth, just TTP suggestions.
  7. I cosplay as an Adult every day....
  8. Sorry I didn't have time to help at the booth, but I did send a few people over and mentioned it in my panels. Was great meeting all of you guys, and it looked like you all were having a blast!
  9. See you there!
  10. Peter Jackson, Eric Kripke, Dean Devlin, Stan lee, Richard Branson, George Lucas, Bill Gates, Helen Mirren, Ian Mckellen, I could go on and on
  11. I like Netflix and Amazon originals, but ABC's Designated Survivor has potential.
  13. Name is Matthew, I am relatively new to the game, but have had good success in the few years I have been doing this ( ) I am a filmmaker and actor who resides in the Northwest, primarily working on indie projects. I am mostly known for my work behind the camera – for my ability to guide the creative process and improve a film’s longevity and visual impact. I have worked as a consultant all the way thru EP. As of right now I have three more in script development. I like the idea of Legion M having worked with both studio and indie, I have found more love, passion, creativity and honestly fun on Indie projects and am curious to see what Legion M does.