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  1. Hi all! Thank you so much for your patience while we sort out some final share information from Wefunder and upload your certificates to Carta. If you haven't had a response from Paul yet, please reach out to him again at Team@LegionM.com so your request will go to the top of his inbox. We are just now finalizing the last round of investments, so e-mails from Carta should be sent out in the next week or so! As always, please let us know if you have any questions at the Team@LegionM.com e-mail.
  2. @Martin English What your lawyer is proposing sounds complicated! I can't give you legal advice, but I believe there is a simpler method to accomplish your goals. Have you reached out to Carta to ask what they recommend? Your best bet is to give your lawyer more specific information about the investment (number of shares, the current amount of money involved) and what your specific goals are for your children upon bequeathment (i.e., perhaps you can divide up the investment with an equal amount of shares going to each child and any fractional amounts going to the eldest?). From a practical perspective on my end, if a beneficiary proves they are entitled to the shares of a deceased shareholder, as long as I have the legal paperwork from the estate, I can currently effectuate a share transfer into that person's name very easily. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi Jack! Sorry to hear you want to sell your shares. Please feel free to post here or PM me if you want to discuss any questions or concerns you have about the direction of the company. In the meantime, the process for selling your shares is straightforward. You need to find a buyer, agree to a price and then let me know you're ready to transfer the shares. I send you and the buyer a share transfer agreement and then once signed and once you're paid, I transfer the shares in Carta. Please let me know if you have any questions! I'm always happy to help! Best regards, Terri
  4. We are definitely planning a meetup in the evening -- details to come soon! @Damian Beurer and @DavidBaxter are working on it!
  5. AFM

    Hi all! Mike Arrieta and I are both going and will be taking meetings with distributors while there. Let me know if you'll be in town! Terri
  6. @Damian Beurer @Terri Pinon Let's plan something!
  7. Love this idea! Something to consider next time around for sure.
  8. Thanks, @Todd Thomas!
  9. LOL, @Jeremy Gamble! That's a perfect example of an AMAZING book with a very weird book to film adaptation. It would be fun to read the book and watch the movie and discuss what went wrong.
  10. Hi @Todd Thomas! It sounds like this project is in development. I see that the production company is MJW Media. Do you know if this is an indy film or if a studio bought the rights? If it's in script form and an actress is reading for casting, that's great news... it means that it's moving along. Do you know if it's financed?
  11. Hey, @Leesha Davis, we'll add these to the list for October's book club. :-)
  12. Great! Please coordinate with Damian. I'd love to do a poll on which book to choose, launch on September 1 with that choice and an invite to join, and then have a book club Shindig at the end of September. Is that doable, everyone? I'd like to recommend EMPEROR'S BLADES by Brian Staveley as a choice. Looks like we have 5 books to choose from for the first poll already! Damian -- can you please push that out on Facebook and the Forums this weekend (also link Twitter to the poll)? We'll announce the book that wins the poll on Sept. 1 and launch!
  13. Thanks, @Adam Cox! These are great ideas and I'll look into them.
  14. Hi Chris! Sorry to hear Legion M is not what you expected. As we always say, you can't make great art by committee, and while we're a fan-owned company, that doesn't mean that everything we do will be "fan created." That said, we do have opportunities now for creative outlets (Pitch Elevator) and a soon-to-be-launched anthology book written by fans! I'm also always looking for great writers to participate in our website blogs. As you can imagine, we have thousands of people asking us to read their scripts, and we simply don't have the manpower to read all of them, let alone the financial means (yet) to develop and finance them. These are part of our long-term plans. I'm happy to hop on the phone with you to discuss in more detail and answer any specific questions you have. I would love to get a better sense of your goals and expectations. E-Mail me at Terri@legionm.com if you would like to set that up. If you want to sell your shares, you have a couple of options: 1.) Sell to an accredited investor before the lock-up period expires next month; or 2.) Sell to anyone after the lock-up period expires next month. Because we're not yet listed on a secondary market, it's up to you to find a seller. You can sell to anyone who pays the price for which you want to sell your shares, depending on the two options above. Once you sell your shares, I send you and the buyer paperwork to transfer shares from your name to theirs. Hope this answers your questions! Please feel free to reach out to me any time.
  15. Hi all! We're not sure what we're doing at SLLACC yet, but I am totally up for a meetup during the con! Let's plan it!