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  1. Sign up to get on the list for information about Legion M meet-ups and other fan exclusives for Bad Samaritan! https://legionm.com/bad-samaritan-fan-exclusives
  2. Watch for the Legion M logo near the beginning of the trailer!
  3. That would be a great tie-in if/when Legion M's Stunt Team series goes into production.
  4. No problemo! I learned of the Taurus Awards several years ago, but haven't heard anything about them in the ensuing years. Am not really sure how big they are (or aren't).
  5. Do you mean movies or TV or both? The Emmys recognize stunt coordinators, and the Taurus awards recognize stunt performers in movies.
  6. Exactly. They haven't made any updates to the profile since was it created in June 2016. There's much more they could do on LI to promote Legion M and its projects -- if they had a resource that could devote the time to keep it updated.
  7. Lack of time and resources. I think they intend to ramp it up once they hire the Social Media person.
  8. No thanks necessary! I actually found an easier way to do it, so it didn't take much time at all. Everybody should be "official" now -- at least on the Forum.
  9. @Nikki Ackerman Thanks for pulling this together and posting it!
  10. If you want to create a post with links/attachments and put it in the Backstage forum, I'll pin it to the top. http://legionm.us/forum/forums/forum/58-backstage/
  11. Likewise. I could see how that would be the case!
  12. Agreed. Members are every bit as valuable as investors when it comes to getting the word out and attending events.
  13. IMO, I think Legion M's money is best spent on targeted ads. I've spoken with lots of people who just don't get (or don't care about) the brilliance of the Legion M business model. People who seem to have the best potential for "getting" the concept are fans of genre movies, or art house films, or are in the industry. I'd like to see Legion M continue to target groups like that, rather than a more general audience. Another reason to keep the targeting small is that they don't really have the manpower to address all the questions and comments that would be generated by a big push. I helped respond to comments on the FB ads during the last round (they bought several FB ads directed at the groups I mentioned above), and it was extremely time-consuming to give thoughtful and informative responses to all the questions. As for YouTube advertising, some browsers have extensions that block the ads, so a lot of people would never see them. Rather than buying ads, we'd get more bang for the buck if Jeff and Paul could be guests on the shows -- and not just once, but when we have a new round opening, or a major movie premiering, or a big event like the Stan Lee imprint ceremony. Several members have said that they think promoting our involvement in popular projects (e.g., Bad Samaritan) will get us more notice than trying to sell people on an investment in an unknown start-up.
  14. Already done ---> http://legionm.us/forum/gallery/album/1-logos/
  15. @Adam Cox If you haven't done so already, be sure to keep @Terri Pinon informed of what you're doing so that she can let other members know about this.