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  1. Finally finished S2 -- wow, some interesting twists at the end!
  2. I'm about half way through it -- don't have much free time these days. Will let you know when I finish it.
  3. We've got something posted now: http://legionm.us/forum/forums/topic/1272-introducing-legion-midnight/ I also created a new forum for Mandy: http://legionm.us/forum/forums/forum/151-mandy/
  4. Calling all Legion M investors and members! Legion M is creating an animated title card featuring the faces of all its supporters. This title card will appear in movies, like Mandy, where Legion M is involved in the production of the film. If you would like to have your photo as part of the title card mosaic, please submit your info ASAP to this link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/Legionm1/LegionMPhotoMosaicProject
  5. Mandy has been selected for Sundance and will have its world premier there! http://variety.com/2017/film/news/sundance-film-festival-2018-lineup-program-1202625522/
  6. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/billy-dee-williams-omari-hardwick-tiffan-haddish-1202627593/
  7. Announcement of Legion Midnight and Mandy
  8. @A.M. Welland Amazing work! And double kudos to you for your determination!
  9. I'm not an illustrator, so I just did something simple. The wording could be rearranged to make room for a character if somebody comes up with one.
  10. I think Paul will also post a notice on Facebook so people can keep an eye open for the emails.
  11. Pete's right -- they are done in batches and I have to get the list of names from Paul, who has to get them Wefunder, and they (may) have to wait until the round is completely closed . . . and so it goes. For what it's worth, Pending Investors have the same access rights as full investors so it's just a cosmetic thing, but I do understand the excitement of being able to say you're an official investor!
  12. Someone on Shindig -- I didn't catch who it was -- suggested a ventriloquist and their dummy. I think that could be really funny if done right. Maybe having Siskel and Ebert type arguments between themselves.
  13. Pete, those are the ones we're voting on now -- all the pitches from round 1. That round was never finished, so we're doing it now. Watch the video Jeff posted above, starting at the 11:00 mark and it should explain everything.
  14. I think it will need to be after SXSW. Jeff said that they may be kicking off season 2 of Pitch Elevator there, which means the team will be super busy in the run-up to the con.