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  1. I'm not an illustrator, so I just did something simple. The wording could be rearranged to make room for a character if somebody comes up with one.
  2. I think Paul will also post a notice on Facebook so people can keep an eye open for the emails.
  3. Pete's right -- they are done in batches and I have to get the list of names from Paul, who has to get them Wefunder, and they (may) have to wait until the round is completely closed . . . and so it goes. For what it's worth, Pending Investors have the same access rights as full investors so it's just a cosmetic thing, but I do understand the excitement of being able to say you're an official investor!
  4. Someone on Shindig -- I didn't catch who it was -- suggested a ventriloquist and their dummy. I think that could be really funny if done right. Maybe having Siskel and Ebert type arguments between themselves.
  5. Pete, those are the ones we're voting on now -- all the pitches from round 1. That round was never finished, so we're doing it now. Watch the video Jeff posted above, starting at the 11:00 mark and it should explain everything.
  6. I think it will need to be after SXSW. Jeff said that they may be kicking off season 2 of Pitch Elevator there, which means the team will be super busy in the run-up to the con.
  7. There was a lot of good info in the meeting, but it was more like a deep-dive into Pitch Elevator. I wasn't real clear on what you needed from us in the way of development ideas. Perhaps you could elaborate, either here or in the new topic, on how we can help. I know there was mention of music and graphics, and of course the talent hunt, but is there anything else you want feedback on, or help fleshing out?
  8. I'm starting this topic as a space to discuss any development ideas or questions you may have regarding season 1 of Pitch Elevator.
  9. Legion M has an open casting call. Follow the link for details. https://legionm.com/pitch-elevator-casting-call
  10. As Paul promised, here's the link to more info: https://legionm.com/shareholder-updates/2017/10/17/legion-m-moviepilot-sundance If you have even the slightest interest in going to Sundance, please be sure to check out the link!
  11. You've still got some time --voting is scheduled to end on Oct 30.
  12. Hi Magie, I'll be glad to set you up with an account. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page and send me the following info: Your full name Your email address Whether you are a registered member (through thelegionm.com) or a new investor (through Wefunder). As soon as I get that, I'll send you a registration email.
  13. Finally! Start Engine's secondary market was supposed to have gone online last March, so it's 7 months overdue. It must not be easy to get SEC approval for this type of thing. It's also interesting in that they're only playing matchmaker: I'm curious to know how much the broker will charge for handling the paperwork, and if they will charge by the transaction or by the number of shares. Regardless, it's nice to see the first market pop up. Hopefully more will follow soon.
  14. Hey Laurie, Unfortunately we don't have access to that system and Jeff has said it doesn't have a PW recovery mode. Try sending a note to team@legionm.com to see if anyone can help with a reset.
  15. Voting on the existing 400 pitches is open now! If you don't have a Media Mogul account, create one at https://mogul.thelegionm.com/signup. Once you have an account, start voting at https://mogul.thelegionm.com! Voting will close on Oct 30. EDITED to add: https://legionm.com/shareholder-updates/pitch-elevator-voting