• Legion M Community Guidelines

    Welcome to the new home for Legion M community! Go forth and post like crazy! But for the sake of all, please follow the community guidelines:

    • We're OK if you want to share a cool Kickstarter project or your brother-in-law's new business, but repeatedly posting about these topics or spamming the group with products unrelated to the Legion M community is one of the quickest ways to get booted. That said, you are free to promote your own business or cause in your signature line.

    • We don't care what people talk about, but we INSIST that every person and every idea -- no matter how crazy or controversial -- is treated with respect. Diversity of people, ideas, and opinions makes this community strong. It's healthy to disagree and debate (after all, it takes friction to polish stones) -- just keep it constructive.

    • There are plenty of places to get angry on the internet but this is not one. Focus on the things that bring us together as opposed to the issues that pull us apart. Rather than rebutting a topic you don't like (which just pushes it to the top of the queue so more people see it), start a better one to take it's place.

    • There's no reason to get too serious--we're an entertainment company after all! Let's have some fun, and put our dent in the universe!

  • Announcements

    • Karen C

      Welcome to the Forum!   10/01/2016

      Welcome to the Legion M Forum!  Come on in and join in the conversation!  If you have questions or find issues with the site, you can post them in the Website Support forum.  If you have requests, suggestions, or feedback, please use the Requests and Feedback forum.  Enjoy!    
    • Karen C

      Log In Problems   12/23/2016

      If you need an account set up, or have issues logging in, you can submit a request for assistance in the Log In Problems forum, which is located in the Public Lobby section.
    • Karen C

      Introductions   04/04/2017

      We'd love for you to introduce yourself to the rest of the Legion.  Please click on the following link, and then "Reply to this topic" to add your information.  http://legionm.us/forum/forums/topic/22-introductions/