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Review - "Lady Bird"

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This was most definitely a flightless bird. Talk about a snoozer.

I had pretty high expectations going in given the super hight RT ratings. (side note - I'm starting to have some concern over the legitimacy of them recently) But it is really a story without a story. 

It ticks every box of what a "slice of life" film about a high school teenager coming of age story has....poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks (her words, literally) has the nerdy, unpopular best friend who she unceremoniously ditches for the pretty but shallow popular rich girl when she has the chance...dates the hot guy of her dreams but then realizes he is an ass, so it all blows up and she goes back to her nerdy bff again. And then there is the fighting with mom over going to a college they can't afford, and the father who is the depressed yet nice guy who tries to be the referee.

Honestly there is zero new ground in this film (thematically and otherwise) so in order for it to work, the writing and emotional aspects have to be out of the park. While the performances were all very good (Ronan and Metcalf did the best they could with the material), there just wasn't any real movement in the story. It felt like all the cliched boxes were ticked, and that was that. No deep dive into the real pain of the situation (of which there really wasn't any to begin with, other than the lack of money to go to college), no real tension or crisis. The parts where the mom tries to reconcile things with her could have been impactful, but they didn't show/tell me why she was the way she was other than one, single throw away line about her mother being an abusive alcoholic. Need to give me more than that for me to get invested.

Now, one could argue "but it is a comedy", and that would be ok. BUT, that would assume there is actual humor in it. I think I laughed once, maybe twice. Again it goes back to the writing. Just. Not. Funny.

Not sure how it got such rave reviews but the only reason I'm not giving it an F is for the good acting. But this is one bird that need to go the way of the dodo.

Grade: D



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